Why should you watch “The Adam Project”? The story behind the new movie, explained!


“The Adam Project”, a new Netflix film, has a mix of sci-fi, time travel and action scenes. Well, at least in the majority of cases.

Story behind the new movie “The Adam Project”. (Photo: GameRant)

How does the story of “Project Adam” go?

Adam, played by Ryan Reynolds, is a renegade time traveler who tries to save the future but ends up in 2022 instead of 2018. Walker Scobell. , his mini-me. Your younger self is out of reach.

Reynolds’ character calls on his 12-year-old self to finally put an end to time travel. As Adam’s mother and the man who invented time travel, the cast includes Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. Adam’s wife is played by Zoe Saldaa (of “Guardians of the Galaxy”), while the villain is played by Catherine Keener (of “Seinfeld”).

Is “time travel” possible?

The laws of time travel seem to be broken by Adam and his mini-Adam as they travel through many realities. First, the two Adams spend time together. Second, Adam the Elder discloses everything to Adam the Younger! However, in the end things stay mostly the same but better – young Adam is kinder to his mother, for example – as the film realizes that the two Adams clinging together can unravel the space-time continuum.

In the film, Ruffalo wonders, “Is this time travel?” There is no doubt that the film does not focus on scientific explanations, whether they are true or not. Instead, the focus is on the one-liners of the out-of-control time travelers and their emotional exchanges about their father’s death.


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