Why should you invest in the UK independent film industry


If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in the glamor and glitz of the famous British film industry, this is your chance. Becoming a film investor with executive producers Red Rock Entertainment offers many opportunities, including tax breaks and the chance to walk the red carpet…

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UK independent film

The UK film industry is one of the largest film industries in the world and continues to grow year on year.

In 2018, the UK film market was worth $4.7 billion, just behind the US ($32.3 billion), China ($15.8 billion) and Japan ($7.9 billion). ). In 2023, the UK market is expected to be worth US$5.2 billion.

Ninety-four per cent of British adults watch a film at least once every six months, either in the cinema or on device, and British films shown in cinemas appeal to older, affluent audiences.

The rise of on-demand platforms such as Disney+ and Apple TV+ has created more distribution opportunities and the industry continues to grow.

Red Rock Entertainment

Based in the famous studios of Elstree, Red Rock Entertainment is a team of award-winning executive producers working with some of the UK’s biggest production companies to raise funds for late-stage films and TV programs, as well as film distribution.

As a film finance company, Red Rock Entertainment seeks investors and acts as a project funder and ensures that film and television projects stay on schedule and on budget.

The team works alongside directors and producers to bring their important business acumen to the creative process.

With such a heavy responsibility, Red Rock Entertainment only works on projects that have market appeal, manageable costs, and a solid financial structure.

Projects must also have a clear and well-defined audience for Red Rock Entertainment to join, as audiences are the heart and center of the UK film and television industry.

Red Rock Entertainment also partners with Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity to provide fixed visits for children living with life-limiting conditions, and with Jobcentre Plus and The Princes Trust to provide training and work opportunities for young unemployed.

Red Rock Entertainment Productions

Red Rock Entertainment works on a diverse range of projects, from documentaries to horror films, featuring famous faces such as John Hurt, Timothy Small, Dianna Argon and Laura Haddock.

Projects include the Stanley comedies, A Man of Variety and Dusty and Me, as well as the supernatural romance, Between the Lights.

Currently in production are an apocalyptic horror film set six months after the world experienced a biblical plague, Walking Against the Rain, and Never Forget Tibet, a feature-length documentary chronicling the Dalai Lama’s flight into exile in 1959.

The benefits of investing

Investing in an independent film company allows them to stay away from the big studios and have full control over the stories they tell and the content they create.

Independent films with a low production budget also present less investment risk than a big-budget film, where overhead must be recouped before investors see a return.

In fact, an independent film doesn’t have to be a huge box office success for an investor to get a return on the money invested.

Other perks include getting a movie credit so you can see your name on the big screen and be an extra in the project.

Set tours can be arranged for investors for a behind-the-scenes look and to meet the cast and crew and a glimpse of the legendary Elstree Studios. Once known as “British Hollywood”, the studios have seen the likes of Laurence Olivier, Alfred Hitchcock, George Lucas and Stanley Kubrick walk through its doors and have made iconic blockbusters such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Paddington Bear. You might even be an extra in the project.

Investors receive invitations to glamorous VIP red carpet events, including the film’s premiere and the Cannes International Film Festival, as well as private screenings alongside actors, media personalities and people from around the world. show biz.

There are a range of tax breaks that investors can also take advantage of, through the Government’s Business Investment Scheme.

Relief can be claimed up to a maximum of £1,000,000. More details can be found on the HM Revenues & Customs website.

Red Rock Entertainment frequently holds seminars at Elstree where potential investors can learn about the tax benefits of investing in the UK film industry from top financial speakers.

To find out when the next seminar is and for more information on Red Rock Entertainment, visit redrockentertainment.com


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