Volumetric VR Movie Construct Coming to PC VR Next Week


PresenZ’s volumetric VR movie Construct will be available in full on PC VR headsets next week.

The ambitious short will be released on Steam, and you can try a free demo right now to get a taste of what to expect. The film focuses on the action, following a robot who fights for his life after falling at a crime scene. You watch the experience unfold in third person with six degrees of freedom (6DOF) of camera movement. The play is approximately 8 minutes long and you can check out a trailer below.

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The part was originally produced in partnership with Starbreeze, which is why you can see the StarVR headset in the trailer, and has been used in geotagged facilities.

I saw Construct a few years ago at a VR theme park. It’s a pretty amazing display of VR visuals in a narrative experience and a welcome change of pace from many VR movies made on platforms like Tilt Brush and Quill. However, you’ll need a decent PC to run the app, as PresenZ describes a minimum of GTX 1080, RTX 2060 Super, or RTX 3060 graphics cards.

As for PresenZ itself, it’s not clear if the technology could have a future, given that Construct is the only actual version we’ve seen of the platform since we wrote about it in 2015. Other techniques for making VR movies, such as photogrammetric capture, occurred around this time.

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