Viral Parent Trap Video Makes TikTokers Rethink The Movie (But Real Fans Already Knew That)


If you were a 90s kid, chances are you were introduced Lindsay Lohan’s career double (and probably thought she was legit two-person) when Disney’s The parent trap was released circa 1998. The remake of a 1961 movie The House of Mouse tells the story of long-lost twins who reunite at summer camp and decide to switch places so they each get to know each other. their other parent. But after this TikTok from one of the film’s stars, fans are rethinking the whole movie.

Who could forget Meredith Blake? She is the other blonde and beautiful wife of the twins’ father, Nick (played by Dennis Quaid), who serves as a roadblock to their grand plan to reunite their parents. Well, Elaine Hendrix, who played Meredith, did this TikTok, and it went incredibly viral:

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Hendrix, who posted the video on honor The parent trap for his birthday (he’s 24!), really made people rethink her villain persona. The TikTok uses the “it’s a 10 but” trend, but in this edit, the actress takes a big sip from a glass of wine as a voiceover narrates the film’s plot from Meredith’s perspective.

As the video says, Meredith had no idea about Nick and Elizabeth’s absurd custody arrangement, among other confusing things inside The parent trap, but once it all happens, she’s really ready to go for a ride. After an unexpected encounter at a hotel, Meredith falls victim to the twins’ plot, which includes some pretty serious pranks, especially when they go camping together later in the film. Do you remember when the lizard goes in his mouth? Yeah.

Elaine Hendrix in white dress and sun hat as Meredith Blake in The Parent Trap

(Image credit: Buena Vista Pictures)

The video has amassed 1.7 million views at the time of writing, making it a huge hit on TikTok. And the comments are riddled with people realizing that Meredith Blake wasn’t the villain they remembered. Check out some of the chatter:

Hipiprene: Meredith didn’t do anything wrong. #justiceformedithblake

Kaysimp90: 😂😂😂😂 as an adult, I feel bad for Meredith Blake.

Moonbunny Cakes: growing up is realizing that Meredith Blake wasn’t the bad guy and she was just annoyed because she had a good time with him and the twins ruined it.

seagull master: Honestly, as I get older, the parents are the bad guys in this movie, not Meredith😂

Are fans falling for Meredith Blake after all these years? Maybe she’s not the villain she was meant to be from the twins’ point of view. Hey, if you’ve been dating someone and you’ve been myopic about their kids and past marriage, as well as pulled a prank on a trip, you might not take it well either. Worst of all is that the parents decided to keep their siblings away from them and lie to the girls all these years as they lived separate lives from each other across the world.

Hendrix is not the first The parent trap star to create a TikTok referencing the movie, but the comedic timing of this one is absolutely perfect. The best part being that Meredith apparently hasn’t looked back since the whole incident. Maybe we need a disney movie sequel to officially clarify this. The parent trap is available to stream with a Disney+ subscription if you’re in the mood to revisit the 90s favorite.


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