‘Vindu Bhojanam’ film tickles the taste buds of Telugu cinema lovers


Posted: Date Posted – 5:49 PM, Sun – Jul 10, 22

Hyderabad: ‘Vindu Bhojanam’, starring Aishwarya Hollakal and Akhil Raj and produced by Boosam Jagan Mohan Reddy (Founder and Managing Director of Arrow Advertising India Pvt. Ltd. and Arrow Cinemas) was released this week on MX Player. The Telugu feature film – a family drama and a love story is 103 minutes long and targets an audience of 8 to 75 years old.

The film revolves around Adithya, a young chef who works in a restaurant owned by Anand who is like a big brother and mentor to him. The famous restaurant has a handful of talented chefs, including Anand and Adithya. A band performs at the restaurant one weekend and Adithya falls in love with the lead singer who reciprocates. After a year, he proposes to her and she accepts.

While everything seems happy, the restaurant falls into trouble because of Anand’s half-brother, Vivek. He wants Anand to sell the restaurant and give him his share. Anand does not want to sell the restaurant because it was built by his father before his death. He’s too emotionally attached to it. He tries to convince Vivek but he doesn’t accept. A conflict breaks out between the half-brothers. The heart of the story is how Anand and Adithya win the culinary battle against Vivek for the restaurant.

Expressing his delight at the reception of the film by moviegoers, Jagan Mohan Reddy said, “We are extremely pleased with how moviegoers are receiving the film. The cast and crew worked hard to convert a beautiful script into a heartwarming entertainer. Such encouragement drives us to make such feel-good films and give a platform for creative stories to be told to the world through film. Jagan Mohan has already produced numerous commercials for most major brands, in addition to a new-age short titled “Uday”, which has over a million views on YouTube. He is now making his debut as a feature film producer with ‘Vindu Bhojanam’.

Karthik, who started his career with ‘Uday’, is the writer and director of the movie ‘Vindu Bhojanam’.


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