tushar: Tushar is delighted with the theatrical release of his independent film | Bengali Cinema News


After winning awards and accolades at various film festivals, director Tushar Ballav’s independent debut, Baki Itihash (The Unfinished Manuscript), is ready for theatrical release. Understandably, Tushar is a little tense. “For my first feature film, I opted for an idea that was quite difficult to manage. But then, it was a pretty conscious decision on my part. Not only the subject matter, but the whole journey of turning this idea into a film was equally difficult because I chose not to follow the standard practiced by the film industry,” Tushar said.

The film revolves around Bablu and Jana, two childhood friends from the same neighborhood. Spurred on by youthful vigor, Jana enters into a confrontation with a local political party. Following an incident, a police complaint is filed against him and Jana flees. And the story takes several twists and turns from there.

“Contemporary Bengali cinema rarely looks beyond the cityscape, but the narrative of this film has a socio-political undertone that plays throughout and is set in a rural setting. The film was shot entirely in real locations and we decided to go with synchronized sound. As we were shooting with a skeleton unit, we all had to work very hard to achieve a certain level of brutality that the content demanded,” Tushar said.


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