The independent feature SPLINTERS will be released on digital on April 15


Jon Corum’s SPLINTERS is the latest low-budget independent film to be backed by Outsider Pictures, as part of its new strategy to bring the first voices of independent directors to the screen. SPLINTERS’ initial festival push has been put on hold due to covid, and the film will now be released on TVOD sites, starting April 15, 2022, and then on AVOD platforms later this year.

SPLINTERS is a drama about a mother and son who come to terms with tragic loss in their own way. Anna and her son, Bo, live in a small town in the Midwest isolated from each other and from the rest of the world. Since the death of Anna’s husband, the two have struggled to communicate. His worries about Bo only push him further as his grief takes him on a journey in search of answers that may or may not exist. As Bo notices a budding friendship between his mother and his teacher David, he enlists the help of David’s daughter to investigate. a story his father told him about money buried in a local sawmill. The family’s unraveling eventually leads them to a place of understanding.The characters learn to forgive themselves because they realize they are ALL THAT they left. A shard is a broken piece of something larger. All the characters in this story are shards. They are the remains of a broken family. Outside Chairman Paul Hudson said: “Too often the industry bemoans the end of cinema, when not all acquired films will be released in theatres. The hope is that the work of these directors is discovered and that their next film, and the film that follows, will hit theaters.” The Outsider contract for each micro-budget film is the same – all costs are approved in advance by the director/producer and all profits are split 50:50. Outsider is actively seeking new low-budget films to support. Outsider’s next micro budget will be Conor Mcbride’s Saturday night upside down. Previously, Outsider published TEJANO, by David Blue Garcia, who later helmed the reboot of Chainsaw Massacre for Legendary Pictures, which was later sold to Netflix.

Jeanne: Annie Bulleit
David: Paul Gordon
Anna: Joni Mann
Bo: Jackson Kelly
Deacon: John Jacobi
HeatherCassandre Schomer
RobertRyan Hall

Written and Directed by Jon Corum
Produced by Sally Corum, Leo Farbman, Julie Janes, Adam Maffei, Mark Totte
Director of photography Jon Corum
Edited by Jon Corum
Sound edited and mixed by Robben Fenderson
Sound post-production by Robben Fenderson
Original music by Dustin Ketterman, Rachel Hrdina, Jon Driver

Watch the trailer here.


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