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PUBLISHED July 03, 2022


Pakistan is full of opportunities for talented and promising people who want to leave a positive impact on the world. Our land is endowed with rich cultural values, heritage, traditions and a beautiful story of the subcontinent waiting to be honestly told to the world. But all of these inspiring and motivating stories are buried beneath the socio-political disruptions we often get caught up in.

The successful National Amateur Short Film Festival (NASFF) platform was conceived in November 2020 with the sole objective of investing in providing opportunities for Pakistan’s resourceful and gifted youths and scouting talents who can be more fed. As a joint initiative of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MOI&B) and ISPR, the NASFF was a short film competition held across Pakistan last year that proved to be a game-changer .

NASFF 2021: a real success

The competition gave a platform for film and television production and mass media communication students to build their professional careers. Jthousands of aspiring filmmakers participated with quality short films to represent the scenic and diverse colors of the country globally. With the sole aim of creating and projecting a progressive image of Pakistan around the world, the students exerted their best efforts. They submitted films based on six different themes, ranging from life, history, people, agriculture and entrepreneurship in the country.

To be able to nurture the talent of capable students, the organizers i.e. ISPR have engaged some of the biggest names in the Pakistani film and drama industry. The stars were on board as brand ambassadors of the initiative, but their association was not just to promote the NASFF but actually to interact with the participants.

Celebrity Engagements

Despite COVID restrictions, Shaan Shahid, Humayun Saeed, Mahira Khan, Wahaj Ali, Bilal Abbas Khan, Iqra Aziz, Farhan Saeed, Zara Noor Abbas, Mashaal Khan and Colonel Qasim Shah (Gulsher of Alpha Bravo Charlie) notably hosted webinars with university students from across the country. These sessions have been designed to mentor young boys and girls, answer questions that come to mind and help them understand how they can use the media, especially social media, not only to their benefit, but also to communicate the true and positive image of Pakistan. worldwide.

Over 1,100 short films were received from 72 universities across Pakistan. A jury of renowned film experts like veterans Saba Hameed, Syed Noor, Shireen Pasha and Talha Ali Khan shortlisted the entries. 15 participants were selected as winners who got a golden ticket to study at the New York Film Academy, Australia (NYFA) for a one-year course in filmmaking and screenwriting. A notable mention for the American data and software multinational AFINITI which has a wing in Pakistan as it sponsored the winners.

Indeed, the NASFF is a fantastic initiative for the advancement of the film industry in the country, but it has the potential to completely change the media landscape. The NASFF has added credence to the word “festival” and proven that diversity and resilience are among the most misunderstood qualities of our youth.

Participate in bringing about change

Now that the 2022 NASFF has started, it’s a great prospect for potential sponsors to join the cause that will serve the country, the youth as well as the brands.

By investing in the top performers selected by the festival, sponsors can embrace the next wave of change, which is guaranteed to project a positive image of Pakistan to the world. Entrants are selected nationally, so any sponsor will have the first right to employ the talent and integrate them into their AV team upon NYFA’s return to Australia.

Win-win situation for all

NASFF guarantees good brand exposure to its sponsors. Therefore, the brand logo will be placed next to the NASFF logo, on all equipment presented to participants. All film festival marketing campaigns will carry the sponsor’s logo. More than that, MOI&B will recognize event sponsors in the media and special seats will be reserved at all NASFF events, including the Grand Finals.

In case you weren’t able to reach the final of the first edition, don’t worry! NASFF 2022 is now accepting applications from students nationwide. Selected top directors will have the chance of a lifetime to study at NYFA, Australia, and then become part of the next generation of filmmakers, who will shape the future of our film industry.

Ahmed Abid is a marketing consultant and freelance writer. All information and facts provided are the sole responsibility of the author. E-mail: [email protected]


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