Televisual launches new films for factual filmmakers – First up, the BBC


This film, with interviews with directors Claire Sillery and Jack Bootle, kicks off a series of films – TV factual films – for factual producers and filmmakers.

In it, managing editors Claire Sillery and Jack Bootle discuss this year’s crop of Grierson Award nominations and expand on what the BBC expects from factual filmmakers.

“The question for me now is how do I continue to serve an intelligent, informed, but really hungry audience… If you watch Extinction: The Facts or if you watch my recent documentary with Paul Merson on the gaming industry , the ripple effects of this movie were really quite phenomenal. It was raised in Parliament. Jack bootle Head of Science and Natural History, BBC

“I think if you watch Marian Mohamed’s film on Digga D, you find a story that really appeals to young audiences. He didn’t have a massive audience, but he did have a really specific audience that the BBC didn’t. [always] to serve. And they came to iPlayer for this movie, which is really important. Claire Sillery Responsible for documentary orders, content, BBC

TV factual films is a new open-access film series to support the UK fact-based production community. Televisual has produced films auditioned by factual commissioners of the major platforms that fund UK factual content.

Films are intended as an alternative to other Zoom recordings. Lasting 10 to 18 minutes, these concise films provide the business and emotional intelligence to support India in their creative development and their pitches.

The TV factual films were all shot on two cameras with professional crews (from Procam Take 2 and Run VT) and edited as for broadcast (at Clear Cut and Sky Production Services) with illustrative clips to render them. concise, informative and above all watchable.

A new magazine accompanies the films TV factual briefing with all the news in the headlines, indies might want to make sense of the british commissioning landscape. The magazine has been sent to all Televisual subscribers with the winter issue and is also available as a free, open-access digital e-zine here –

We have a full lineup of upcoming films and plan to release up to ten films before Christmas:

Alf lawrie to Channel 4the factual slate and what works on the chain

Channel 4‘s Shaminder Nahal explores specialized factual and documentary requirements

A + E networksDan Korn describes what he is looking for in the Indies large and small for Sky story and Crime and investigation

Sky‘s Dixon poppy cover all of Sky’s factual genres with Barney shingleton looking at independent funding

Simon downing covers Discovery United Kingdomthe unique requirements of the platform

Lucy willis speak through the Channel 5 slate and Paramount +

Jo clinton-davis actions ITVthe specific needs of

And Hilary rosen guides us through UKTVthe factual range of

the TV factual films are all published on and will all be open access and do not require payment or even registration.

Jon Cremier

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