‘Supernova’ intimate scene censored by Russian film distributor


Russian film distributors censored intimate scene between Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci in the film Supernova. According to a report in The Moscow Times, anonymous sources who viewed the edited version of the 2020 film about a gay couple coming to terms with a partner’s dementia premature, said at least one scene has been removed from the Russian version. Russian distributor World Pictures is said to have made the deletions for fear of the country’s new anti-LGBTQ + laws that make it illegal to promote homosexuality to children.

“At least one scene where the characters try to have sex after a dramatic dialogue has disappeared from the story,” the Moscow weather sources quoted, adding that “several viewers of the light version have confirmed that it is clear from the context, even after the self-censorship, that the characters are a couple.” (Editor’s note: After watching the movie, the scene is little more than the couple kissing.)

Supernova features Tucci and Firth as 20-year-old partners driving through England in an old motorhome. Tucci’s character suffers from dementia early on, and the film focuses on how they try to come to terms with the diagnosis and the changes it will bring to life and the relationship.

Due to the subject portrayed in the film, it is therefore not surprising that it runs up against Russian censorship. Russian President Vladimir Putin was re-elected to a third term last July and immediately delivered on his campaign promises to crack down on the LGBTQ + community through a series of laws and amendments banning marriage equality, adopted by transgender people and the recognition of same-sex unions registered abroad. Teachers at St. Petersburg schools have been tasked with scouring their students’ social media profiles and reporting any appearance of any LGBTQ + symbols to the country’s internal police, saying the children’s posts could violate the government’s propaganda. countries and anti-LGBTQ + laws as well as a United Nations Convention protecting children’s rights. A Russian ice cream brand has been accused of promoting “gay propaganda” and “homosexual behavior among minors” with its Rainbow ice cream.

Movie critic Konstantin Kropotkin posted on Telegram that distributors “are prohibited even from using the word ‘gay’ in connection with the film.” He urged viewers to avoid going to the movies to see the censored version of the film, but instead find a way to watch an uncensored version.

“Don’t ruin your experience,” Kropotkin advised.

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