South Park Creators Almost Made A Fake Movie Based On A Web Series


In 2020, South Park creators matte stone and Trey Parker created a short viral video titled sassy justice. sassy justice started out as a 15 minute short featuring Darth Maul’s voice actor Pierre Serafinowiczwhose likeness is superimposed on a deepfake of donald trump. The short film has gained several successors on Youtube, making sassy justice a web series of sorts. Now the word on the street is that Stone and Parker originally wanted to turn the short into a feature and the pandemic thwarted those plans.

In early 2020, Stone and Parker were apparently in development on a film version of sassy justice with job title False deep: the movie. The couple spoke with the Los Angeles Times about the unrealized project, with Parker saying, ‘few people know we were one day away from starting production on the first feature film we had done since’Team America: World Police.’ We were going to start filming the day the pandemic stopped everything. It took months and months to prepare for this movie, to just say, “No, it’s over.”


Parker went on to add, “It was going to be ‘Deep Fake: The Movie’. It was about this guy who looked exactly like Trump because we deeply fake Trump’s face on him. And it was this whole thing. funny because of course it ends with Trump just naked and getting put through the wringer and stuff and that’s why it was so funny and so timely Stone also added his two cents on the matter , saying, “We have a fake business deep [called Deep Voodoo], and we have all these fake deep artists working for us. Even though the script was kind of timely, we ended up keeping the deeply fake part of the studio.

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In addition to Donald Trump, sassy justice uses deepfakes of Julie Andrews, Michael Caine, Al Gore, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Chris Wallaceand Mark Zuckerberg. sassy justice was described by Parker as “probably the most expensive YouTube video ever made”. The original video satirized the idea of ​​fake news and followed journalist Fred Sassy as he uncovered the secrets of all the news media. There are currently a total of 12 videos on the sassy justice Youtube channel.

Stone said that False deep: the movie is currently “sort of on hold,” but the studio that Parker and Stone founded, Deep Voodoo Studios, is still running. Rapper Kendrick Lamar reportedly used the studio when creating his music video for “The Heart Part 5,” and Parker and Stone are both producers for Lamar’s upcoming Paramount Pictures comedy film, but it’s currently unclear if Deep Voodoo Studios will be used. for this movie.

Discover the original sassy justice video below:


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