Seoul Independent Film Festival to Show Films in Spain and Hong Kong


“Fighter,” directed by Jero Yun, will be screened at the 2nd Korea Fest BCN 2022 to be held at Cinemes Boliche in Barcelona, ​​Spain from June 15-19. (SIFF)

The Seoul Independent Film Festival will attend film screenings to showcase Korean independent films in Spain and Hong Kong.

SIFF will present a selection of independent Korean films at Korea Fest BCN 2022, which will be held at Cinemes Boliche in Barcelona, ​​Spain, for five days from June 15-19.

There will be an Indie Seoul section during the film festival in Spain, which will present five works selected from the films that have been screened at SIFF, including “Fighter”, directed by Jero Yun, and “Made in Rooftop”, directed by Kim Jho Gwang-soo.

Established last year, Korea Fest BCN is a Korean film festival organized by Cine Asia. More than 1,000 spectators attended the event last year despite the COVID-19 pandemic situation, according to SIFF.

SIFF is also co-organizing a screening session entitled “Femme Direct. Korean Indies! with the Hong Kong Arts Center from June 22 to August 13 at Louis Koo Cinema in Hong Kong.

The event in Hong Kong aims to showcase Korean independent films created by female directors. According to SIFF, Hong Kong audiences were particularly interested in watching Korean films, including “A Boy and Sunscreen”, directed by Ahn Ju-young, “Microhabitat”, directed by Jeon Go-woon, and “Lucky Chansil”, directed by Kim Cho-hee, at last year’s event.

This year’s event will feature films made by a different generation of female directors, including “Ten Month” directed by Namkoong Sun, “Ghost Walk” directed by Yu Eun-jeong, and “Home Away From Home” directed by Jee Hye-won. . There will also be a guest visit event where directors will share their experiences and ideas in creating films with Hong Kong moviegoers.

Since 2018, SIFF has been working to introduce independent Korean films overseas to film festivals held in more than 12 countries, including Switzerland, China, Hong Kong and Spain, as part of its project showcase abroad.

By Song Seung-hyun ([email protected])


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