Seoul Independent Film Festival to hold ‘Indie Picnic 2022’ in April


A scene from “Sinner” directed by Yang Jae-joon, which will be screened during “Indie Picnic 2022” (Seoul Independent Film Festival)

The Seoul Independent Film Festival announced on Monday that it will hold a screening, “Indie Picnic 2022,” at Seoul’s Indie Space starting April 8.

The screening event, which will be held from Friday to Sunday over a two-week period, will run from April 8-10 and also from April 15-17.

The event organizer selected 23 short films and nine feature films, including “Sinner” directed by Yang Jae-joon, the top winner in the short film section at the Seoul Independent Film Festival last year.

Yang’s film features the story of Seong-ah, a woman who lives in a camp at a church welfare center. After confessing her misdeeds, she takes on different tasks to atone for her sins. She tries her best to complete them, but it doesn’t work out the way she wants.

Other winners from the short film section, including “CITI-100” directed by Hwang Sun-young, “Wasteland” directed by Lee Tack, and “No problem” by Lee Jun-seop will also be screened during the event.

The Seoul Independent Film Festival added that it will screen selected films as part of a matchmaking project connecting local independent film makers with distributors.

The host also pointed out that one of the offerings, “Jessie Story” directed by Le Ha-eun, features Netflix’s “Squid Game” star Anupam Tripathi.

A scene from “Jessie Story” directed by Le Ha-eun, which will be screened at “Indie Picnic 2022” (Seoul Independent Film Festival)

“Jessie Story” is a film about the friendship between Jameson, a young Indian, and a Korean grandmother Je Im-sun, owner of a rice pastry shop and with whom he shares a similar name.

Information on how to book tickets for “Indie Picnic 2022” in Seoul will be announced on the Seoul Independent Film Festival’s social media.

Launched in 2004, “Indie Picnic 2022” aims to promote independent films to audiences inside and outside Korea.

Starting with the screening in Seoul, the event can take place at any community space or theater where screening is possible from April to December. All organizations wishing to screen the selected films can contact the Seoul Independent Film Festival for assistance.

By Song Seung-hyun ([email protected])


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