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Dear Dan: I am a 44 year old gay male and have never had a serious relationship. I would love to find my way into an LTR, but I have a series of overlapping dating issues and don’t know how to navigate.

First of all, because of my career, I move around a lot, and often I don’t see the point of going out when I know I’m going to move again; I have another potential move on the horizon in six months. Second, I find online dating apps horrible. I have encountered more ghosts on the apps than in the haunted mansion at Disneyland. Last year, a date I curated through an app turned out to be the setup for an assault or hate crime. I managed to escape physically unharmed, but deleted all dating apps afterwards. Third, I’m a beefier guy, but I’ve never really integrated into the bear community. I hate wearing leather, can’t stand the growth of facial hair, and I don’t have creases – and leather, beard, and creases seem to be prerequisites for joining the bear club. Also, most of the bears are older guys and the older guys don’t really do that for me. And younger guys always seem to be looking for a sugar daddy. I am a Goldilocks who do not find it “right”.

Fourth and finally, I have lived a great life. Due to a parent in the entertainment industry, I grew up with backlot access. I have literally traveled all over the world. I can tell stories for days. But that makes dating difficult when the other guy has only his job or his chats to chat. I’ve had more than one date where the guy told me he had nothing interesting to say about himself and just wanted to hear about my life. Am I meant to be an old maid or a sugar daddy? –Lost and can’t keep investigating new guys

Dear LACK: 1. If you don’t see any point in dating someone because you’re always on the move, it’s not a long-term relationship you should be looking for, but a nice series of fulfilling, short-term relationships. RTS can be serious, they can be affectionate, and with more people working remotely than ever before, a successful RTS, while geographically difficult, has a much better chance of becoming a successful LTR these days.

2. Dating and hookup apps are awful. People on apps sometimes lie about who they are, ghost you and block you with no explanation. But the bars are terrible too. People in bars sometimes lie about who they are, they apologize “for a second” and never come back, they come home one night and eat your ass for hours and then pretend they don’t know you there. next time you see them at the same bar. And just as people have been assaulted, assaulted and murdered by people they’ve met on apps, people have been assaulted, assaulted, and murdered by people they’ve met in bars – and at work, in church, through friends, etc. So wherever we are. re meeting people, online or offline, we have to be careful; we have to have these first meetings in a public place, we have to tell a friend where we are going and who we are with, and we have to trust our guts. When someone makes you uncomfortable or puts you in danger, get out of there and / or ghost on them. (And if we find that people constantly ghost us… well… then we have to ask ourselves if we are doing something that makes others uncomfortable or unsafe.) 3. Not all bears have beards or of folds or wear leather. At any big bear event, LACK you are more likely to see guys in jeans, t-shirts and trucker caps than to see guys in leather – unless it’s a fetish party, LACK, where you will see a lot of leather guys. But even on a fetish party, LACKING, you’ll see guys in neoprene, wrestling shirts, wetsuits, hand-hooked harnesses, and so on. Leather is not compulsory.

4. I’d rather listen to a cute guy tell me a funny story about his cat than a conceited guy buzzing over and over again about a famous actor he saw on a backlot putting cereal bars on the floor. craft service table. I’m not saying you’re conceited or boring, MISS, but if I was a gambler and only had the last paragraph of your letter to go on, I would put my chips on vain and boring. Listen, if a guy tells you halfway through a date that he doesn’t want to share anything with you about himself and invites you to keep talking about yourself, that doesn’t mean he’s so captivated by your stories he just wants to listen to. This means that he is bored and / or bored and has already decided that you will not have access to his backlot.

Zooming out, MISSING, do you see the pattern in your letter? You say you want a relationship, but you just don’t see the point in dating because you’re always on the move. You say you want a relationship, but apps are a waste of your time because some people are incomplete. You say you want a relationship, but you don’t want to go places where people might buy what you’re selling (bear parties, bear parties) because you don’t want to wear the kind of clothes you have to wear when you are out. these events (leather, which you don’t really have to wear) or grow the type of facial hair you need to grow to attend (beards, which you don’t really have to grow). You say you want a relationship, but guys who didn’t grow up with rich, connected parents bore you – which is going to make finding someone nearly impossible. Gay men are only a tiny percentage of the population and finding someone in your preferred age range is going to be quite difficult without excluding guys who can’t match your history of peeing next to Matt LeBlanc in. a men’s room on the Warner Bros. with a story of their own about a celebrity they peed next to. Or on.

Seen together, LACK, the above sounds less like “this guy is just plain unlucky in love” and more like “this guy is engaged in serious self-sabotage”. So it’s not the apps, the work-related movements, the leather pants, the rough beards or the guys who insist on boring you with stories about their cats when you have a much better story about the walker. of Mariska Hargitay’s dogs. The problem is you. I’m not saying you’re an asshole or unworthy of love. You are not an asshole; you’re just a little up the ass. If love and commitment is what you want, MISSING, then I want you to find it. But you’re gonna have to get out of your own ass and out of your own way.

PS If you’ve got the kind of career that requires you to relocate every two years, BY LACK you should think twice before you dismiss guys who aren’t as career-oriented or privileged as you are. These are the guys who can easily move with you. So while firing all the guys with a boring and / or low-paying job means you won’t briefly end up dating a boy who just wants a sugar daddy, LACK, never give a regular guy a chance with a Regular work could end up costing you much more in the long run.

Dear Dan: I am a 35 year old gay male who is about to get married. My fiance and I decided to open our relationship recently and have had a wonderful, slutty summer. Not so long ago, one of my fiancé’s relationships made me jealous. Next time we had sex, just the two of us, I asked my fiance to worship my body like he worshiped our boyfriend’s body. My fiance got impatient, I got frustrated, and then I asked him to stop, which killed the mood. We talked and I asked him to be brutally honest. I asked him if he was attracted to me, and it turns out he isn’t. He only has sex with me to make me happy. I died inside. He insists that he loves me deeply and wants to be with me. But I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with someone who isn’t physically attracted to me. (Yes, I can have enthusiastic sex outside of the relationship, but I want it from the man I love.) We both panicked and cried. Now here I am, I have to get married in three months. What the hell am I supposed to do? –Evisceration of revelation upsets our marital calendar

Dear newlyweds: Postpone the wedding.

You made a reasonable guess about your fiancé – that he was sexually attracted to you – and your fiancé allowed you to make that guess. Now that he has chosen, with your encouragement, to be brutally honest (loves you, but not attracted to you), you are going to need some time to process this. Basically you have to decide if what is on offer here – a sexless (or soon sexless) marriage where your husband is free to seek sex with men he finds attractive and you are free to seek sex with men who find you attractive. – is something you are willing to accept. In view of the entrance fees, it is quite high. If paying that doesn’t seem any less gruesome and / or impossible in a few months than it does today, GROOMS, call off the wedding.

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