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Ridgefield Independent Film Festival’s LOVE IS LOVE Film Block features 7 stories of love, loss and redemption from local and international filmmakers

Ridgefield resident Ellie Gravitte, Fairfield resident Jacob Rodier and Norwalk resident Luke Angus join US and Canadian filmmakers in RIFF 2021’s “Love Is Love” short film program. – responses after the screening with the filmmakers will follow.

Tickets are now on sale here.

The Ridgefield Independent Film Festival’s “Love Is Love” block of films features seven films chosen for their depth, beauty and comedy. In the director of “Spell It Out In Neon”, Tammy Minoff weaves a funny and poignant story of Beth, half of a common Halloween costume trying to break through the “friend zone” with her “other half”.

“Entwined” by Dale Griffiths Stamos finds two people in their sixties during a chance encounter in front of a painting that brings back both painful and beautiful memories. “Forget Me Not” is a charming animated short by Courtney LeBlanc and Saige Guevara in which a cartoon classic goes to war with its rebooted counterpart in order to preserve its legacy.

In “The Color of You” by Jacob Rodier, a Fairfield resident, a young man is persuaded by a young woman to put his phone down and see the world around him. In “Alienated,” another animated short, by Norwalk’s Luke Angus, a lonely alien is unable to cope with the loss of a loved one and goes to great lengths to avoid coming to terms with reality.

“Play It Again” by Daniel Abramovici from Toronto, Canada finds two best friends about to go their separate ways when deciding whether or not to make a big romantic gesture worthy of the best Roma Coms or to keep her feelings to herself. And in Ridgefielder’s “Make It Easy”, Ellie Gravitte, a chance encounter between a young musician (Alexis Floyd, Shondaland / Netflix) and a street musician leads on an enchanted journey of song and self-discovery at midnight in New York City. .

“I was delighted to see the imaginative, surprising and witty way each of these filmmakers approach their subject matter,” says RIFF founder and producer Joanne Hudson. “I’m also very happy that so many of them are attending the festival this year and participating in the group discussions after the screening of their process. It was my dream to bring together filmmakers from different parts of the world here in Ridgefield to discuss film, art and life.

Tickets are now on sale for all RIFF events and can be accessed through the RIFF website https://www.riffct.org

Please note that all participants in person will be required to present proof of vaccination for Covid-19 with corresponding identification masks.


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