Revamp your next movie night with OLED TVs from Samsung or The Frame (sponsored)


After a long day at work, what better way to unwind than by kicking off your shoes and settling down to watch one of your favorite movies or TV shows? It’s a practice loved around the world, but it’s only with Samsung’s range of OLED TVs that you can create the best possible entertainment experience from the comfort of your own home.

OLED technology is a step ahead of standard LED TVs, thanks to its use of self-illuminating pixels to create an image that accurately represents what the filmmakers envisioned with true blacks and a stunning level of contrast. The technology itself is impressive, but it’s the added features of the latest Samsung TVs that take OLED to the next level.

For starters, Samsung’s latest TVs use Quantum Dot technology which offers even more color vibrancy and accuracy on top of what’s capable with OLED. This means you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies with a level of brightness and intensity you simply won’t find anywhere else.

This works in tandem with Samsung’s next-gen AI processor which, with a little help from HDR10+, can analyze each scene as it happens to consistently deliver the best picture possible. This means your favorite horror movies are dripping with atmosphere, while anime movies are bright and full of life. No matter what you watch, you’ll always get the best possible version.

It’s the same no matter where you sit, as Samsung has created an Ultra Viewing Angle that keeps you on top of the action at all times. Let’s face it, whenever we have friends over for the game there’s always someone squinting at the screen, but with Samsung’s TV design, everyone has the best seat in the house.

However, as with any good movie night, video quality is only part of the equation, which is why Samsung has spent so much time perfecting the audio finesse of its TVs. Samsung’s OLED range combines the prowess of Dolby Atmos with its own object tracking sound to create a 3D soundscape that envelops your senses from every angle.

No part of a scene is skipped as Dolby Atmos picks up detail while Object Tracking Sound projects audio so you get the full cinematic experience, all without the need for a soundbar. The same S95B processor that enables all these cool features is also at the heart of Samsung’s Smart TV interface.

Giving you direct access to the content you love, Samsung’s Tizen-powered super-fast smart interface gives you access to all the most popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus and BT Sport*. You don’t need additional streaming devices when you have a Samsung TV at home.

Despite their many features, Samsung TVs buck the trend by remaining slim and eye-catching, but if you want a TV that takes a whole new approach to design, that blends in seamlessly with your home decor, then you have to. check on The Frame (LS03B) from Samsung.

The frame is simply elegant. Gone are the days of an unsightly black box taking up the majority of your living room, The Frame flips the role of a TV on its head using an anti-glare matte screen that can depict world famous artwork when you’re not watching. .

In Art Mode, The Frame can show near-realistic representations of over 1600** works of art by artists like Van Gogh to complement your home’s existing style. To further embrace a connection with the art world, it is possible to add unique frames *** that encompass the TV like a traditional picture frame. This way, The Frame looks less like a TV and more like something you’d encounter in an art museum.

To drive this point even further, Samsung has gone to great lengths to minimize the amount of visible wires and connections coming from The Frame. Using the One Connect Box, you can power all your additional devices in a centralized hub, which then only uses one cable to connect to The Frame itself. Add to that The Frame’s slim wall mount that allows the whole thing to sit flush against your wall, and you have before you one of the most breathtaking technologies ever made.

Whether you’re looking to create the perfect home theater with Samsung’s range of OLED TVs or transform your living room with Samsung’s stylish The Frame, you can find both options right now on Currys’ online store.

Even if you found a cheaper price elsewhere, Currys will be able to match it to the Currys Price Promise. No need to look for discount codes – you’ll be able to get the best price every time you shop with Currys.

*Subscriptions required. Third-party content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV Platform or stop updating them at any time.

**Art store subscription required

***Available separately


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