Planning a Fast and Furious movie is like a DnD campaign, says Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel is keeping us all up to date on Fast and Furious 10 via his Instagram account and his last message gives even more insight. The action movie star says planning the Fast and Furious movies is like describing a DnD campaign, before getting lyrical about a returning co-star.

“Weekends are usually spent building mythology, much like crafting a DnD campaign,” Diesel says in the post, along with an old on-set image of Sung Kang, along with Samantha Vincent. , a regular producer of Diesel’s work. He goes on to talk about Kang’s return as Han in F9 and the actor’s appearance in Los Bandeleros, a canonical short that Diesel himself directed.

“[Vincent] called him and said the studio wanted me to direct the short but there was no money for any of us actors,” Diesel wrote. “He first said to let me speak to the reps, then called back and said, of course, he would be flying to the Dominican Republic for a week to film.”

Diesel remembers that one of his first directorial efforts, another short called Multifacial, inspired Kang. “He was inspired to continue as an actor because of a short film I made many years ago called Multifacial,” he says. “Sung has always been a big part of this mythology, seeing him on set in 2022 brings a smile to my soul.”

Right now they’re all filming Fast and Furious 10. As it’s the first of a two-part climax, just about every Fast and Furious character you can imagine is showing up, and a few others in addition, with Jason Momoa and Jack Reacher’s Alan Ritchson now living his life a quarter mile at a time.

We’ll find out what they’re all up to when the Fast and Furious 10 release date of May 19, 2023 rolls around.


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