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Now that Hallmark has released all 41 Christmas movies and everything is still fresh, now is a good time to create a wishlist for their upcoming Hallmark 2022 Christmas movies.

It was a great crop of films. Hallmark has done so many good things. It’s wonderful to see that the network is more diverse. They try more humor, and they even seem to have fun in the movies.

However, there were a few missed opportunities that could be rectified for 2022. Yes, it was very sad that this year there hadn’t been a stylish Sir Ron Oliver movie on Hallmark this season, and Michael Ready was too busy. on Chicago Med to film another fan favorite. But, these things happen.

However, there are a few things the network can control.

Here’s our very short but humble list of what could make Hallmark Christmas 2022 even better.

To bring back When the heart calls you Christmas

For several years, the When the heart calls you The Christmas Day movie has become a Heartie tradition. Despite the 2020 Covid restrictions, Hallmark had announced that there would be a When call listeningt Christmas. However, about six weeks later, they canceled that. Instead, they oversized the season with more episodes.

But, in 2021, there was no news on a WCTH Christmas movie.

In addition, the city’s new network, GAC Media, has taken over the When hope calls franchise. They surprised Hearties and brought back Lori Loughlin and Daniel Lissing, in the very emotionally satisfying When hope calls Christmas.

However, the new network made a rookie mistake by not showing the film on Christmas Day, as the WCTH Historically broadcast Christmas movie.

What Hallmark could do in 2022 is broadcast a short WCTH musical special. Even a half hour show would be very satisfying. Moreover, the cast has already shared that they wanted to do a musical episode.

Everyone except Kavan Smith in this cast is a singer and many instruments play. Just look at Kayla Wallace’s Instagram. She shared beautiful songs. Although Kavan Smith claims he doesn’t sing, he could charmingly host the event and allow his co-stars to shine.

Additionally, ahead of the 2020 film’s cancellation, one of the cast members revealed about the Le Poinçon Bridge podcast that Erin Krakow and her brother wrote a holiday song for the Christmas movie.

Hearties would love a musical performance. But Hallmark, make sure musically gifted Paul Greene is on board, as he’s not part of Season 9 but is still loved as Dr. Carson Shepherd.

Photo: Amélie Eve, Callum Seagram Airlie, Erin Krakow
Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC / Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

Where was Christmas Waltz 2?

Hallmark’s number one Christmas movie of 2020 was Christmas Waltz. Despite rumors, there has been no Christmas Waltz 2.

Moreover, if Hallmark fans wanted to see the incomparable Will Kemp dance, they had to go to Netflix, where he did a succulent tango with Vanessa Hudgens, in Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star.

On November 22, Will Kemp wrote on Instagram: “#mondaymotivation Last year La Valse this year Le Tango – excited for the future! 🕺🏻❤️🙏🏼 # ChristmasWaltz # ThePrincessSwitch3 #two #amazing #partners #TV # Film # monday #motivation.

Hopefully “what’s next” is Christmas Waltz 2.

Will Kemp, Vanessa Hudgens-https: //www.instagram.com/p/CWk0TLxgB3D/
Will Kemp, Vanessa Hudgens-https: //www.instagram.com/p/CWk0TLxgB3D/

Why was Alicia Witt absent from the Hallmark Christmas movies?

Alicia Witt has been in a Hallmark Christmas movie every year since 2013. Her last Christmas movie was from 2020 Christmas tree alley, where she wrote the screenplay, as well as original songs for the film.

However, the 46-year-old actress didn’t get the call to make a Christmas film in 2021. It doesn’t look like Christmas without her cheerful holiday spirit.

More tragically, both of her parents recently died in their home. According to People, they are investigating their deaths, which may have been due to furnace problems.

Witt made a statement, “I’m asking for some privacy right now to mourn and to understand this turn of events and surreal loss.”

Alicia Witt, Hallmark guys-https: //www.instagram.com/p/CXWaTzFu4tF/
Alicia Witt, Hallmark guys-https: //www.instagram.com/p/CXWaTzFu4tF/

More iconic Christmas movies with a focus on male characters

Two of Hallmark’s 2021 best Christmas movies were A kiss before Christmas (James Denton), and a holiday dickens (Kristoffer Polaha). One of the reasons was that the story was more focused on the male lead.

The success of both films proves that fans will watch films where the story of the main actor is the main focus. Remember that brothers, boyfriends and husbands are watching by our side. These same guys are watching Netflix Virgin river because of the important male stories.

Don’t diminish the hallmark of supporting roles

That said, what was a huge Hallmark 2021 misstep was to relegate Brennan Elliott (Open before Christmas) and Niall Matter (Christmas with you) to a limited screen time.

If it’s a friendship story, like these two movies, you can ignore the romance. Since these films are limited to one hour and twenty minutes, they have to make difficult choices. It was very disappointing for their fans.

They are not third wheels. They are leading men.

Set the hour for Hallmark movies and mysteries

Some of the best Hallmark Christmas 2021 movies were Miracles of Christmas movies on their sister channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Christmas can be a difficult time when you have suffered a loss. These films deal with more moving stories that deal with grief.

The problem is, they start at 10 p.m. EST. They used to air at 9 p.m. EST, but they overlapped with the other channel’s premiere.

The later hour now means fans who watch the Hallmark Channel premiere don’t miss the first half of the Movies & Mysteries premiere.

Having two separate networks is good. However, many are complaining on social media that 10 p.m. is too late.

Now that Hallmark has successfully tried showing new movies at 6 p.m. EST over Thanksgiving weekend, why not try that time slot for the premiere of those movies on other weeks?

Keep having fun

Watching Tyler Hynes play the waiter role in Andrew Walker’s movie, and Andrew at the same restaurant in Tyler’s Hallmark Christmas movie was a lot of fun this season. Even the little red truck made its appearance, despite no Evergreen film in 2021.

Hallmark, keep having fun. Everyone’s filming at the same time, so keep those cameos on.

Plus, don’t be afraid to share some Christmas magic and more whimsical stories. Remember, time traveling is a lot of fun too!

Finally, it was great to see Hallmark CEO Wonya Lucas, Executive Vice President Lisa Hamilton Daly and Senior Vice President Samantha DiPippo on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Jimmy unsuccessfully came up with a lot of crazy Christmas movie ideas, and the trio were fabulous.

It was great for the fans to see who is behind these Christmas movies that they watch all year round.

Brand fans, if you could ask the network to make changes for 2022, what would they be?

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