OSU-Tulsa Hosts ‘Setiquette’ Event for Aspiring Filmmakers


Those interested in filmmaking spent the weekend at OSU-Tulsa for a workshop where they learned what it takes to run a film set.

Instructors hope this workshop will prepare students for their first job on a film set.

During the “Setiquitte” workshop, students followed professionals and learned aspects of film production.

They had the chance to learn about assistant directing, production design, and even hair and makeup design.

Instructor Zach Litwack said this workshop allows students to see what film sets are like before landing their first job.

“This is a two-day workshop that allows students to gain their first experience in a simulated film production on set here, where they have the chance to learn how to be a production assistant, which will usually be their first entry-level position in the film industry,” said Zach Litwack, filmmaker-in-residence at Oklahoma State University.

Litwack said he wanted to create an environment where students weren’t afraid to ask questions and learn.

“The beauty of doing a workshop like this is that often when you’re in a professional setting on set, you don’t always have the opportunity to ask questions, get hands-on experience, in a way that is really conducive to learning, in a friendly environment and an educational environment,” he said.

He hopes these experiences will benefit the students in the long run.

“It’s our opportunity to show people what it’s like before they had their first real experience on set, but I know when I was coming up and when I was getting into film, that would have been an experience. extremely valuable to me,” Litwack added.

Litwack said that due to the success of this workshop, they hope to hold another one in the fall.


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