Orderly investigation of film with sex scene at Acropolis


ATHENS, Greece (AP) – The Greek Ministry of Culture opened an investigation Friday after a short film was posted online showing two men having sex in the ancient Acropolis of Athens.

The 36-minute film, titled “Departhenon”, was released on December 21 but gained the attention of authorities this week.

The Culture Ministry said it had not authorized the filming of the film Acropolis.

“The Acropolis archaeological site is not suitable for any type of activism or other activity that would offend and disrespect the monument,” the ministry said in a statement.

The film contains several explicit scenes involving male and female actors whose faces are not shown. The Acropolis scene shows two men having sex standing in a circle formed by other actors. Visitors to the ancient site can be seen walking nearby.

The directors of the film, who have remained anonymous, described it as “a work of art which is also a political action”.

Spyros Bibilas, the president of the Greek Actors Association, called the film shameful.

“You can’t do everything in the name of activism. In fact, I don’t see it as activism, ”he told Antenna TV station. “As a Greek I am ashamed.”


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