New Photos Reveal The Flash’s Movie Costume


Even with teasing and some early promotional images that have been available online for over a year now, we still haven’t really gotten a full look at Ezra Miller’s new costume from the solo movie. The flash. While the character debuted in Zack Snyder Justice League (without speaking about Zack Snyder’s Justice League) he actually has a very different costume in this new feature, which is directed by ThisIt’s Andy Muschietti.

The complete new suit was on display this week at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo, where fans and licensors were able to get up close and personal and snap photos of the extremely muscular suit. The Supergirl costume worn by Sasha Calle was also on display at the exhibit.

Based on concept art from the movie released a few DC FanDomes ago, the costume will likely look a bit different on screen, at least when the Flash is running. Concept art suggests that when The Flash uses his powers, the chest emblem lights up and sends yellow energy through the suit.

Without those extra effects, it’s just a bunch of big red muscle. It kind of reminds me of the costume worn by John Wesley Shipp in the short-lived the flash 1990 TV series, minus the velvety texture of this version.

It’s also very different from the Flash costume that Miller wore. Justice Leaguewhich looked more like high-tech armor, with lots of red plates and threads on a darker undergarment.

8. Ezra Miller’s Lightning
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Not everyone was a fan of the new look…

Maybe the pictures don’t do the costume justice, but it’s awfully muscular for both the Flash – who generally has a slimmer build because he’s a runner, not a bodybuilder – and for Miller, who doesn’t He’s not exactly Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of his physique. But these things are meant to be seen in context in the film, so we’ll see how it looks on screen.

the flash is currently slated to hit theaters on June 23, 2023. But the film has already been delayed several times – and its star can’t seem to stay away from the news – so it wouldn’t be shocking if it were pushed back yet again. one reason or another.

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