New funding to help boost the global success of UK independent film, TV, animation and video games


The government confirmed its UK Global Screen Fund, administered by the IBFwill be extended for three years with additional funding of £21 million, which will help the industry continue to grow the economy and provide well-paid, highly skilled jobs for people in the UK. This follows a successful £7million pilot year, which delivered more than 65 awards to support independent companies and productions.

Films such as Living, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande and Enys Men (soon to premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival) have received distribution support from the fund, as well as co-production support offered to productions such as The Miracle Club and companies development support offered to companies such as SFB Games (narrative games), the Northern Irish company Dog Ears (animation) and the Scottish company Synchronicity Films (film and TV).

The funding will be used to increase exports of UK film, TV and video games into new territories. It will fund the distribution and marketing of content overseas, help productions promote their work at events such as film festivals, and help companies hire and work with new staff with specialized skills to increase the global audience. It will also help UK producers collaborate on content with international partners, driving export growth and driving job creation for a new generation of exciting and diverse filmmaking talent.

There is huge global demand for world-class screen content from the UK and this new funding will help even more films, TV shows and video games achieve international success. By helping producers export their fantastic content, we will create jobs and income at home and help project UK culture, values ​​and creativity abroad.Julia Lopez, Minister of Creative Industries

In its pilot year, the UK Global Screen Fund has already awarded more than 65 awards to help UK companies build international partnerships and generate new export opportunities. As international collaboration is fundamental to making new films and dramas that audiences around the world want to see, continued government support to sustain our creativity will help drive our participation and success in a growing competitive industry. We are proud of the incredible craftsmanship and talent within our screen industries, and look forward to seeing how we can help expand opportunities for the UK around the world over the next three years of this essential fund.Ben Roberts, CEO of BFI

Independent film and television are essential to the vitality of our wonderful industry. It allows for endless creativity, bold storytelling and the ability to take risks by producing truly original content that the UK is renowned for. It’s wonderful to see this additional support for independent producers providing opportunities to help our films and TV shows achieve international success so that audiences around the world can enjoy the extraordinary talent and unique stories we have to share.Edgar Wright, director and producer of independent films including Last Night in Soho, Shaun of the Dead and Baby Driver

I joined The Settlers as a minority co-producer alongside a wide range of international partners and an incredible range of funding scholarships from each of the countries involved. I really think it would have been impossible to raise enough funds from the UK to participate in the project without the support of the UK Global Screen Fund.Emily Morgan, Producer at Quiddity Films

The UK Global Screen Fund has helped us increase our visibility and reputation in Canada, and more generally internationally. The support offered encouraged us to formalize our co-production with Canada and helped us to meet the associated costs. The fund also allowed us to improve the film and finalize the post at a high level. We have really seen the benefits of entering into co-productions with other territories over the past few years. Feature-length documentary productions are greatly enhanced creatively and economically when producers collaborate with equivalent producers around the world.Jez Lewis and Rachel Wexler at Bungalow Town

The UK The Global Screen Fund, which will run until 2024/25, is divided into three components:

  • International distribution: Support for the sale and distribution of UK feature films from around the world. Funding helps UK companies carry out promotional activities in the target countries and in the main film markets. During the pilot year, this stream supported films such as Living, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande and Enys Men.
  • International business development: Support for cinema, TV and video game companies to develop business strategies that will drive their international growth. During the pilot year, the grants enabled grantees to expand their creative and export capabilities, establish new international partnerships and enhance their existing partnerships, and expand their audiences globally. international. During the pilot year, business development support was offered to companies such as SFB Games, dog ears and synchronicity movies.
  • International co-production: Support for UK producers to become partners in international co-productions. This helps teams learn new skills and experiences as well as share IPs and film revenue and TV international projects. Grants will be used to support UK producers to collaborate with their counterparts around the world. During the pilot year, The Miracle Club and My Happy Ending were supported by this stream.

The international co-production component will reopen to applications on May 17, followed by the international distribution and international business development components, which will be relaunched in the coming months.

Last year, government support helped drive record spending of £5.6billion in the UKcinematic and high-end TV industries, with UK productions such as No Time To Die and The Father becoming international hits.

Successful government programs, such as the Film & TV Production Restart Scheme and specialized tax breaks for the screen sectors, have ensured that the UKScreen industries have continued to thrive during the pandemic.

Originally posted: May 16, 2022


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