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The 25the The annual Magnolia Film Festival takes place February 24-26, 2022 in downtown Starkville, serving the community as a memorable experience for filmmakers and members of the public. Nicknamed “The Mag”, it is Mississippi’s longest-running film festival.

Ron Tibbett started The Mag in West Point, but then moved to Starkville. Tibbett’s priority was to bring entertaining films to Mississippi and to help Mississippi filmmakers be recognized and appreciated for their work. For those who wish to submit a film to the festival, the deadline is November 1st.

Chris Misun, a broadcast professor at Mississippi State University, has been hired as director of the upcoming film festival. Misun is still learning what the role of director of this festival is, but he explained a preview of the work.

“It’s a lot of different things. I facilitate all the committees that come into (The Mag). I will supervise everyone and make sure we all do what we need to do,” Misun said.

Prior to his teaching position, Misun worked as a creative services producer for the Mississippi State University Television Center. While in this position he was practical, working with students and behind the camera.

“I don’t have the opportunity to work on these projects (behind the camera), so I really enjoyed being behind the camera helping the student projects for the Scene movie club. It’s fun to answer any questions they may have and guide them through the process, ”Misun said.

Terry Likes, the head of the communications department, first met Misun during his job interview in 2019. Likes and Misun started in the department at the same time. Likes has a background in media while Misun is currently working in media so they work together in different ways.

“(We do) whatever is involved with student media production, program development, discussions of departmental and student technology needs, so we talk to each other almost every day,” Likes said.

After working so closely with Misun, Likes got to know him well personally and professionally. Likes explained MSU’s enthusiasm for the university to be involved in this local event.

“We are delighted to help play a role in the continued development and success of the Magnolia Film Festival,” said Likes. “Since joining the department in fall 2019, Chris has guided the study program to deliver new courses beyond journalism to meet the needs of students who wish to explore the variety of avenues involving creative media. . His professional media background and previous work in college television lends itself to his leading role as director of the Magnolia Film Festival. We are thrilled for him and for what the coming year will bring with the festival. . “

James Parker, senior documentary and special projects producer at the University Television Center, worked with Misun as a creative services producer. At the time, Parker had the same role as Misun, so they worked closely together every day. In addition, their roles were to run all ads and videos on social media, which allowed for a close relationship.

Parker explained the opportunity that The Mag has given to MSU and the value that Misun will add to the festival.

“I think it will bridge a gap between the university and the city of Starkville. Chris has a lot of great leadership skills, in organization and he can really bring people together. It will all play very well for the festival and keep it uplifting. more, ”Parker said.

The Magnolia Film Festival gives Mississippi filmmakers a chance to be recognized after often being overlooked. Misun will be a connection for MSU students to join this opportunity. Those wishing to participate can submit their film on the Mag website.


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