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Founded by former Disney and National Geographic executive Adam Leipzig, MediaU is a unique new platform focused on nurturing a new generation of skilled content creators and media producers. As the EdTech industry is poised for a major breakthrough, MediaU is launching comprehensive and immersive online courses that provide job-focused professional training in various areas of content production, media and entertainment. Over the past decade, online content production has exploded, and the need for new and exciting content continues to grow every day. However, there is a lack of institutes focused on skill building and professional training in this field.

The EdTech market is currently worth US$244 billion, and it is expected to grow to US$605 billion by 2027. The ever-increasing need for content and the influx of people seeking to pursue media professions, coupled with the projection of the EdTech market, positions MediaU at the forefront of exponential growth as a premier EdTech institute offering career-focused content production and media marketing training.

Adam Leipzig is known for his multi-faceted media career and his association with some of modern media’s most thoughtful films and documentaries. He made an official statement to the press to discuss his vision behind MediaU saying, “MediaU is a very unique company as it takes the knowledge and expertise of big names in the media industry and makes it accessible to the public in a very comprehensive and results-oriented format. Our mission is to imbue the next wave of content producers and filmmakers with the skills necessary to excel professionally and create a truly remarkable career for themselves. Whether it’s the intricacies of linear media, the flash and glamor of Hollywood, or the fast-moving viral nature of social media content, MediaU brings together a diverse and highly experienced team of advisors to deliver an educational experience unique in its own right. gender. Under the tutelage of these coveted experts, students are bound to grow, excel, and unleash their true potential.

MediaU’s ever-growing roster of experts includes top professionals from the media industry and higher education. Some of the more recent names to join MediaU’s advisory board include Oscar-winning actor Terry George, acclaimed writer/producer Tamika Lamison, actor/producer Harry Lennix known for his work in popular films such as The Blacklist and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, former president of television at Berlanti Productions David Madden and Stephen Tao, who is the current vice president of programming at The CW Network.

Other distinguished names on MediaU’s leadership team include Emmy-winning documentary producer and former CEO of eight universities, Dr. Bernard Luskin, and former head of marketing at New Line Cinema and Relativity Media Russell. Schwartz.

All of these people offer a combined expertise that has been accumulated over several decades. Together, they imbue MediaU courses with industry insight and foundational knowledge that prepares students for scalable and lasting success.

Offering several exclusive courses, the course currently featured at MediaU is titled “The marketing and distribution roadmap for independent filmmakers”. Taught by Hollywood marketing executives, the course helps students understand how target marketing can be the deciding factor between a movie’s success or failure. Whether it’s films, documentaries, short films, or any other type of film, students are given the right tools and techniques to be successful and get their work seen by a wide audience.

“On the Edge with Fernando Ferro” is another program offered by MediaU. It focuses on mentoring students, while giving them the career coaching needed to steer their professional journey in the right direction. Experts offer synergistic online sessions where students can interact with them and receive personalized guidance that will help them overcome their unique obstacles and challenges effectively. Although knowledge sharing at MediaU is very transparent and open, the courses are designed to provide direct industry access that may not previously have been available to media students.

With over 70% of US colleges ready to launch online undergraduate programs in the next 3 years, MediaU is already ahead of the curve and delivering experiential learning that jump-starts students’ careers and catapults them into new arenas with exciting opportunities. Being online makes MediaU courses accessible worldwide, which is why they have been designed to provide globally applicable training and expertise and will help people accelerate their media careers, whatever their circumstances. geographical.

The courses offered by MediaU can also serve as a beneficial resource for higher education institutions wishing to incorporate media studies into their institution’s curriculum. According to MediaU Founder and CEO Adam Leipzig, it is often very difficult for educational institutions to start a media program because textbook knowledge is very old and creating an up-to-date and relevant curriculum can be tricky. . Additionally, finding the right faculty to support the program can also become a limiting factor. MediaU is an ideal resource for any educational institution or department to begin offering effective media courses that increase the success rate of their students. Adam Leipzig calls MediaU “a film school in a box”.

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