Mark Wahlberg Would Star In A Superhero Movie, But Not If It Requires A Costume


Although he’s starred in big action movies, Mark Wahlberg has never had a live-action superhero role because he doesn’t like the idea of ​​a costume.

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Mark Wahlberg might be a bit of an action hero these days, having appeared in the Transformers franchise and soon to do with Tom Holland in Unexplored, and while he wouldn’t say no to appearing in a superhero movie, what puts him off are the costumes. After making the transition to acting after a short musical career as part of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, Wahlberg starred in a number of highly regarded roles like Boogie Nights, The Departed and The fighteras well as comedies such as Ted and its sequel. When it comes to superhero movies, however, Wahlberg would only consider making one if it didn’t involve dressing up.


While Wahlberg may have managed to avoid starring in a Marvel movie so far, his upcoming movies see him starring alongside a few Marvel alumni in the form of Tom Holland in Unexploredand The Shang-Chi Simu Liu in Arthur and the King. With many actors associated with Marvel heroes working together on other projects, the question is whether Wahlberg would consider working with any of these actors in their MCU roles or with other actors in a Marvel or DC project. The answer depends entirely on whether it is the right project.

Talk to CinepopWahlberg revealed that one type of almost superhero he would like to play in the future is the Six million dollar man, but like other superheroes who soar through space wearing neon colors and a cape, it’s not something Wahlberg sees himself doing. He explained:

“I quite like them, I’m not one of those purists who think ‘Oh this isn’t cinema.’ I think the public decides and obviously it [superhero movies] were wildly successful. It’s just that for me, personally, as an actor, I would have a really hard time walking out of my trailer in a spandex cape and costume. But that being said, I was working really hard to bring The Six Million Dollar Man to the screen, which is based on a TV series. And it was based on a lot of wish-fulfillment and what this character could do, based on what they did to him. But it was grounded in reality and you felt like it would be a lot more believable as being realistic, for me, to be able to play that role and feel like “I could do it”, in a way that doesn’t didn’t seem silly to me. But you never know: maybe the right part will arrive! We will see.”

Mark Wahlberg Would Be Fit For A Supporting Character Or A Voice Role In The MCU


When it comes to The Six Million Dollar ManWahlberg had previously been attached to star in a Warner Bros. film. from the TV show until it was canceled in 2018, but with the actor set to star as Sully in Unexploredit gives a good idea of ​​the kind of role he would be willing to take on in a superhero movie.

Of course, there are still plenty of characters coming soon to the big screen worlds of DC and Marvel, and that leaves plenty of opportunities for Wahlberg to make his superhero debut in one of the most grounded roles available. alongside the fantastically costumed central. characters. For now, Wahlberg has plenty of other projects to focus on, but don’t be surprised to see him star in one of the many comic book movies in development.

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