Lucem House showcasing local talent for the independent film festival in St Helens


AN INDEPENDENT Cinema in St Helens is hosting a free open house tomorrow, August 28, celebrating the work of local filmmakers and performance artists.

The Lucem House, located near downtown on Corporation Street, hosts the event, which offers young filmmakers a unique opportunity to showcase their work on the big screen.

Dave Morris, Director of Lucem House, said: “The day will consist of a selection of films from 1pm to 5pm to celebrate the young filmmakers who have made independent short films.”

“At 5-6 p.m. there will be a performance art hour with people taking the stage for a variety of performances.”

The film event takes place on Saturday August 28 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Two of the local filmmakers are Grace Collins, of Rainhill, and William Jones, of Chester, and the event has already grown with people keen to see what they’ve put on.

Dave said: “The event has generated some interest on social media, with people wanting to come out and see these performances.”

“We’re quite unique at Lucem House in that we reach out to the community and a younger audience, and give people a place to start their careers and show their movies on the big screen. ”

St Helens Star: Lucem House is a small room "dedicated to local cinema"Lucem House is a small room “dedicated to local cinema”

The volunteer-run nonprofit is “dedicated to local cinema” and hopes to attract more people to their mainstream film showcases, which includes a screening of Nomadland on Friday, September 3.

A weekly film club is also being considered at Lucem House, which celebrates the life of George Groves of St Helens on September 17 – unveiling a mural in his honor and showcasing a night of his pioneering work as a sound engineer.

St Helens Star: George Groves was born not far from Lucem House and won two Oscars as a sound engineerGeorge Groves was born not far from Lucem House and won two Oscars as a sound engineer


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