Local Independent Film ‘All We Have’ Wins Third Week at Harkins Theaters | Local


TUCSON (KVOA) – After a successful opening weekend, a Tucson-based independent film has reached a milestone.

The film “All We Have”, written and directed by News 4 Tucson photojournalist Edgar Ybarra, got a third week at Harkins Theaters Tucson Spectrum 18.

The film, which tells a love story with a message of perseverance, was originally scheduled to run for seven days when it made its theatrical debut on February 26. But after great support from the Tucson community, the local film will be released in theaters. located at 5455 S Calle Santa Cruz until at least March 18.

According to the cast and crew, reaching this new milestone has been a major achievement as “All We Have” was produced with a microbudget, mainly features local talent in front of and behind the camera, and is currently in theaters during the pandemic. of COVID-19 – a time when the theater industry itself experienced many challenges and obstacles.

“You know, it went on for 26 years and I was never really sure that day would come. But I’m more than thrilled as a proud Tucsonan to have one of my own movies opened in a Tucson movie theater.” ,

Ybarra said. “On the contrary, I hope this film is an inspiration to every Tucsonan. If you really want to chase your dreams, if you really want to go, then go for it.”

Tickets can be purchased at harkins.com. Social distancing and the wearing of a mask are mandatory inside the theater.

For more information, find Ybarra Films on Facebook.


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