‘Lifemark’ film shot in Columbus opens nationwide


It’s been three years since the faith-based movie “Overcomer” hit the big screen across the country. This film was shot in Columbus. It was produced by Alex and Stephen Kendrick, award-winning film producers from Albany, Georgia.

This weekend marks the debut of another Kendrick Brothers movie titled “Lifemark.” It was also shot in Fountain City. The seed of this latest film was planted in their minds three years ago. Alex recalls: “We had just finished ‘Overcomer’ in 2019 and got a call from Kirk Cameron. Kirk (who starred in the Kendrick Brothers movie “Fireproof”) said you had to watch this short documentary called “I Lived on Parker Avenue.”

The Kendrick brothers were so moved by the documentary that they teamed up with Cameron to produce “Lifemark.” Cameron says it’s a true story about an 18-year-old single girl who gives birth to her child and places her son up for adoption. Cameron plays the role of the adoptive father.

Fast forward 19 years later and Melissa, the birth mother, reaches out to see if her son, David, wants to meet her. Alex, who plays Shawn, Melissa’s husband, says she thought David might hate her. “But when he meets her, he wraps her in a loving embrace and says thank you, thank you, thank you for the decision you made to let me adopt,” according to Alex.

Stephen told WRBL that the movie “Lifemark” sends a message of love to teenage girls who are in unwanted pregnancies. He says it communicates a message of the value of life to the infant in his womb. It shows the beauty of adoption, a subject dear to Stephen. He and his wife, Jill, adopted a baby girl from China in 2013. He says “she has added so much joy to our lives.”

Stephen adds that many people support remote adoption. They think it’s not really for them. “That’s kind of where I was,” Stephen says. “But as we started to pray about it, God transformed our hearts. And I think we need to increase the value of adoption for a time like this.

The city of Columbus has somehow “adopted” the Kendrick brothers. They shot their last two films there. Stephen says there is such a great network of people in Columbus. “We love the city. We love the resources there. We used Flatrock Studios to film some of our scenes. If you know Columbus really well, you might recognize some of the places that are in Lifemark.

The film debuts in 1,500 theaters nationwide from September 9 until September 15. The broadcast could be extended if the attendance of the film justifies it, according to Alex.


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