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#koinfetti ANNOUNCES NEW INDEPENDENT NFT MOVIE FINANCING SITE POPKOIN.COM Special NFT collections will be sold on KOINFETTI; Independent films will be funded

POPKOIN marries the innovation of NFTs with the creative talents of independent filmmakers. Moreover, the NFTS which will be sold by the STAND KOINCESSION will stand out from the crowd of other NFTs.

— Peter Sordjan – Founder

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, USA, April 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — KOIN MARKETPLACE, LLC (“KOINFETTI“), cryptocurrency NFT marketplace (xKN), KOIN, today announced the launch of a new transformative affiliate website, POPKOIN.com which, through its STAND KOINCESSION, will sell special NFT collections on KOINFETTI and finance independent films.

POPKOIN.com will sell two types of NFT collections, KERNELS and POPKOIN TUBS, with the first NFT releases of each in April 2022. Each KERNEL collection, available through POPKOIN, will be associated with a particular independent film. Buyers of KERNELS will own the NFTs and POPKOIN will finance the film from POPKOIN’s net proceeds. Prior to the release of the film, the KERNELS will be “POP”, which means that the holders of the KERNELS, at that time, will have the possibility of “burning” (redeeming) the KERNELS in exchange for a percentage from the POPKOIN’s revenue from the exploitation of the film or retain the CORE, which the licensees can then continue to consume, including through secondary sales.

POPKOIN will use a portion of the net revenue from POPKOIN TUBS sales to fund one or more movies on POPKOIN’s list of movies funded by POPKOIN; the holders of POPKOIN TUBS, at the time of the distribution of income from the exploitation of each film, will be eligible to receive, from #popkoin, as a reward, a percentage of POPKOIN’s income from each of these films.

POPKOIN will reserve up to 20% of royalties from secondary sales to be shared pro rata with NFT purchasers from STAND KOINCESSION, as a reward.

Independent filmmakers can submit projects for NFT collections and funding by POPKOIN by visiting the SCREENING ROOM on POPKOIN.com.

POPKOIN will also launch in the near future PKNGAME (POPKOIN GAME), a game in which thousands of prizes, including many NFTs and special access or even participation in films funded by POPKOIN, can be won.

KOIN MARKETPLACE, LLC is a Florida company that provides a different and innovative NFT marketplace, with one purpose. KOINFETTI offers its members, incubators and holders of (xKN) KOIN, its affiliated cryptocurrency, benefits and rewards and a true sense of community, keeping users engaged at all times, and does the same for its creators . The company is set to announce many more inventive features in the very near future.

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