Jennifer Aniston would love to star in a Wes Anderson movie


Jennifer Aniston says she would like to branch out into more dramatic roles and that she would especially like to work with Wes Anderson.

Jennifer aniston said she would like the opportunity to work with Wes Anderson. Aniston first rose to prominence on the hit sitcom Friends, which premiered in September 1994 and spanned 10 seasons. In the series, she played Rachel Green, a spoiled rich girl who leaves her orthodontist fiance at the altar and decides to make her way to New York, only to find herself and fall in love with David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller after a tumultuous romance over and over again. Jennifer Aniston’s Friends role opened a lot of doors for her and launched her into the stratosphere as a leading star.


Despite remaining a hip tabloid figure and a true movie star to this day, Aniston has struggled to find roles where she is taken seriously. Although she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role in the 2014 drama Cake, the only other major non-comedic role she’s gotten since concluding Friends was his lead role in Apple TV + The morning show, which premiered in 2019. She tends to end up in comedies like We are the Millers, Horrible bosses, Where Christmas party in the office, and at this point has co-starred with Adam Sandler on two occasions, with a third collaboration coming to Netflix Murder Mystery 2.

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Talk with THR In regards to The Morning show and trying to break out of her status as a comedy actress, Aniston revealed that she would like to work with Wes Anderson. She mostly made peace with the fact that the juicy dramatic roles go to actors with more proven backgrounds. However, she explains that she still sometimes sees certain directors who have “the choice of who they like“which make her think “I would love to be part of this club. “Read the full quote below:

But there are still certain directors that I would love to work with, those who have their choice, and sometimes I want to say, “I would love to be part of this club. loves working with Wes Anderson.

Wes Anderson is a director who was nominated for 7 Oscars during his career. He first arrived at the scene in 1996 with Rocket in bottle, which was adapted from his own 1994 short film. However, the director has directed a variety of films that use his idiosyncratic, detail-oriented aesthetic, including the Best Picture award Grand Budapest Hotel, the classic of stop motion Fantastic Mr. Fox, and the fashionable outlet this year The French dispatch.

Anderson would probably be a good choice for Jennifer aniston. The director’s films tend to fall between comedy and drama, harnessing the skills of unique and fun people like Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, and Jason Schwartzman. He also has the ability to harness the acting talents of more dramatic actors like Bruce Willis, so if he sees fit to cast Aniston in an upcoming project, this could be the perfect mix of tones to get him through properly. to more serious work.

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