Jared Leto on Playing Joker Again in a Future DC Movie: Never Say Never


As Jared Leto gearing up to play Morbius in the next movie, the former Suicide Squad and Justice League actor is discussing whether he’ll play the Joker again in the DCEU. Leto is one of many artists who have played the Joker in numerous live-action productions over the years. While Warner Bros. was creating the DCEU, the actor/musician landed the role of Batman’s infamous nemesis in 2016’s Suicide Squad.

While Leto’s new Marvel adventures as Morbius will keep him busy for the next few years, could he ever be set to reprise his role as the Joker in a future DC movie? Leto was explicitly asked in a recent interview with Variety if he was still interested in playing the Clown Prince of Crime. In response, Leto left the door open for Warner Bros. to contact him, adding that he would never pass up the chance to portray a character he is dedicated to, especially the Joker.

Leto said according to Screenrant, “Never say never. To me, they’re like living, breathing people. I know they’re not, of course, but I get attached. It’s a shame not never do it again.”

Although Leto hasn’t appeared in any DCEU film since, he made an appearance as the Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021. Despite the fact that the Joker was never in Snyder’s initial Justice League plans, the filmmaker ended up inserting Leto before the cut was released on HBO Max. Although his appearance was short, it sparked the interest of many fans who wanted to see Leto’s character again, especially in a collaboration with Ben Affleck’s Batman.

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