Jackass: Steve-O’s Most Outrageous Movie Stunts


Steve-O is widely regarded as one of the most outrageous risk takers in the set Donkey team, and he has gone way beyond the call of duty over the years. He is best known for his pioneering stunts that no rational human being could ever devise, and then following through with maximum effort.

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As a result, he became just as notorious as his outrageous stunts, many of which were shown in the first three Donkey movies. From sniffing out questionable food to acting as live bait for voracious sharks in the ocean, Steve-O has done some crazy things in his time.


Alligator Tightrope (Jackass)

Steve-O versus an alligator in Jackass

Alligators may be smaller than crocodiles, but they are still very dangerous animals that can kill, or at least inflict a lot of damage. Steve-O decided to flaunt this fact by trying to climb a tightrope through a pond full of alligators, with raw meat dangling from the back of his underwear.

If he had fallen, we don’t know what could have happened. There was an alligator master present to intervene if things went wrong, but that was no guarantee. At one point, Steve-O fell into the pond, then pushed it to shore, where it ran directly into the path of an alligator’s open mouth. the Donkey the crew, including Steve-O, have suffered horrific injuries over the years, but this one might have been the worst.

Wasabi Snooters (Jackass)

Steve-O features wasabi in Jackass

Steve-O has a documented history of drug addiction, a habit he managed to overcome a few years ago. However, in the early days of Donkey movies, he was ready to snort just about anything, no matter how outrageous.

One of his most infamous stunts was “Wasabi Snooters”, where, as the name suggests, Steve-O sniffed lines of wasabi up his nose for a laugh. He reacted violently, choking and vomiting, but that didn’t deter him from giving it a few more punches for posterity.

Off Road Tattoo (Jackass)

Steve-O gets an off-road tattoo in Jackass

Steve-O’s tattoos are beyond ridiculous, especially the one on his back, which is an image of himself giving the viewer a thumbs up. That didn’t stop him from adding extra ink to his body in the dumbest way possible – in the back of an off-road vehicle.

With punk rock star Henry Rollins in the driver’s seat and director Jeff Tremaine with a tattoo needle, Steve-O hung on for life, getting his tattoo while plowing through rough terrain. The resulting tattoo was a complete failure, which was the whole point of the stunt.

The Monocle Leech (Jackass Number Two)

Steve-O with a leech over his eye in Jackass

People have a natural fear of leeches, although they are still regularly used as medicinal aids to treat open and infected wounds. Nevertheless, the Donkey the crew was not interested in any of this. They were more concerned with sticking leeches on questionable parts of their bodies for fun.

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Once again, Steve-O wanted to set the bar high, so he decided to let the others attach a leech to his actual eyeball. It was one of the trickiest stunts in Donkey Number two, and way more gruesome than some of the show’s most disgusting stunts.

The hook (Jackass number two)

Steve-O with a hook in the cheek in Jackass

Steve-O is always ready to raise the bar when it comes to outrageous stunts, but this one was a paradigm shift. With Chris Pontius by his side, Steve-O sailed in the middle of the ocean, then decided to lodge a gigantic fish hook in his inner cheek and on the other side.

Once the hook was set, he dived over the side of the boat and decided to bait some dangerous aquatic fauna, including a few hammerhead sharks. The most amazing part of the stunt is how bloodless it all was. His partnership with Pontius was the kind of thing that led to wildboyz, one of Jackass better spinoffs.

The fart mask (Jackass number two)

Steve-O and the Jackass Fart Mask

Convince a member of the Donkey throwing on a mask and allowing someone to whistle into an attached pipe is never a good idea, especially since they’re all manipulative and sneaky. Still, for some reason, Steve-O decided to believe that Preston Lacy would stick with the stunt name and go no further.

That hope was cut short when Lacy decided to go number two down the funnel, sending the noxious fumes into Steve-O’s bowl-shaped mask. It ended as planned, with Steve-O throwing up all over the place, while the rest of the crew was bent double at the waist.

Tee Ball (Jackass 3D)

Steve-O hit with a tee ball from Jackass

This simple stunt was no less outrageous due to its humble setup. Any time a stuntman willingly lets himself be kicked in the groin, the pain is going to follow. The stunt involved Ryan Dunn wielding a baseball bat, while Steve-O stood wide apart and adjacent to a tee, with a ball tied to the end.

Dunn hit the tee, sending him spinning the other way at high speed and hitting Steve-O directly in the groin. He knew it was an outrageous stunt, given how long it had taken him to work up the courage to do it.

Tracksuit Cocktail (Jackass 3D)

Steve-O and the Jackass Tracksuit

Once again, Preston Lacy has decided to ruin Steve-O’s day with a stunt so absolutely revolting it can hardly be expanded upon. The stunt involved Lacy wearing a baggy suit designed to catch sweat dripping from his body, as he ran on a treadmill for an extended period of time.

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Steve-O’s job was to consume it. Audiences had as much trouble watching it as Steve-O had drinking it. The stunt was so outrageous and gross that even one of the cameramen was bending over at the waist in pure disgust.

Beehive Tetherball (Jackass 3D)

Steve-O and Chris England launch a beehive at Jackass

Dave England and Steve-O decided to team up for this stunt, which involved pouring 50,000 aggressive Africanized honey bees into a tethered balloon. Once kicked and thrown, the Bees spilled out of the tethered ball and began to nail England and Steve-O with repeated stings.

While Steve-O managed to hang on for the entire duration, England was forced to run away with numerous stings all over his body. This stunt was outrageous due to the level of danger as a hundred Africanized bee stings are enough to kill a human being. Steve-O recently revealed three Donkey stunts too dangerous to pull off, so he might be ready to up the ante, once again.

Supreme Cocktail Poop (Jackass 3D)

Steve-O in a Jackass Port-A-Potty

Steve-O managed to solidify his crazy status with one of Jackass the best and most shocking stunts. It involved attaching tethers to a fully loaded outhouse, with Steve-O strapped securely to the seat. Once unleashed, the addiction rose straight into the air, allowing gravity to do its harm.

The resulting result was nothing short of shocking, in every way imaginable. Several cast members lost their lunch, but that was nothing compared to Steve-O, who was covered head to toe in the unspeakable. Of all the scandalous Donkey stunts he’s done over the years, this one takes the cake.

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