“It’s like making an independent film”


Take part in a project like the Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s a bit like being thrown into a huge meat grinder: you have to have broad shoulders to withstand the pressure that inevitably comes with participating in a production of this magnitude… Unless James Gunn is managing all that.

Second Karen GillanIndeed, the director who wanted a budget of 500 million for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 would be able to not make the cast members feel the slightest pressure, making the atmosphere on set very similar to that which we breathe. behind the scenes of any independent. movie.

What James brought was that indie spirit… You don’t realize you’re making such a big movie. Everything seems so flexible, calm and free, just like independent cinema manages to be from time to time. Then he always directs everything with a microphone. So you find yourself hearing this kind of booming voice of God. It’s like, ‘Do it again. Do it this way and add phrases that aren’t even on the script. After that you feel it laughing at the microphoneand it’s one of the best feelings ever, because you’re thinking, “I made him laugh”were the words of the Nebula actress.

What to say: it seems that the good James has managed to reproduce the same light atmosphere on the film set with Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana! Will it be the same for the third chapter? We will know soon! Recently, meanwhile, Gunn gave his blessing to Will Poultier for the role of Adam Warlock.


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