Italia Film is a leading distributor of ME films with 2 million admissions in one year


Italia Film has propelled Disney’s market share in Saudi Arabia to 21%, with Warner Bros. in second place at 14%.

Italia Film, a leading independent distributor of American / European films for the Middle East in addition to being the exclusive distributor of Walt Disney Pictures and DreamWorks in the region, announced that it has sold more than two million cinema tickets in Saudi Arabia in 2021.

Total admissions to date in Saudi Arabia reached 9.6 million, with a 158% increase in 2021 (year-to-date) from the previous year.

Italia Film has developed a 28-year distribution partnership with Disney, as well as with other independent film companies.

He propelled Disney’s market share in Saudi Arabia to 21%, along with Warner Bros. in second place at 14%. This milestone in Saudi Arabia comes at a time when the company mourns the death of industry legend Joseph Vincenti, founder of Italia Film, on September 7, 2021.

For over 65 years, Joseph Vincenti has been at the forefront of the expansion of the film industry in the Middle East region and has extended Italia Film’s distribution footprint to the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and India.

Italia Film KSA was the first company to obtain a film distribution license in Saudi Arabia after a 35-year cinema ban and marked this historic change in the Kingdom through a high-profile first screening of Black Panther on April 18, 2018 .

Since then, the industry has grown exponentially in Saudi Arabia with currently a total of 42 cinema sites and 404 screens.

Italia Film topped the KSA box office with the highest-grossing Hollywood film titled Cruella.


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