Indian filmmakers partner with Huckster Productions


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On December 14, 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Center, Huckster MENA was proud to launch one of their most anticipated arms – Huckster Productions. The production house was formed by several big names in the Indian film industry, the most prominent member being Srinath Rajendran, the director of one of this year’s most iconic films, Kurup. As Creative Director of Huckster Productions, Srinath hosted Sheikh Majid Rashid Abdulla Al Mualla and other distinguished guests such as Sohan Roy, Dr Bu Abdullah, government officials, influential business leaders and activists. social.

Srinath, also introduced his management team – National Indian Award Winner – Banglan, as Head of Productions; Fahad Basheer, Director of Strategic Partnerships; Prashob Kalarikkal, director of the group; Fahad MM – Director of Business Development, and Sharath Ram, Director of Operations.

One of the exciting aspects of the whole evening was the company’s environmentally conscious decision to make the event carbon neutral. This movement will last much more than one evening, because Huckster Productions is collectively a production house with a negative carbon footprint. It was a coordinated approach taken by the company that has goals focused on people and goals for their future.

This event was just the start of a new journey, with a lot more planned by the team. The goal is to establish a brand that showcases people and their talent by bringing together the resources of the best in the field. This fits with the reason they hosted the event at the Dubai World Trade Center, as they received the Green Globe award for their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint. Huckster Productions is now going green starting with the small event steps that didn’t use single-use plastic and even used edible cups.

Huckster firmly believes that the future of media and motion pictures lies in the evolution of technology and the precision of production quality, which is why this project emphasizes being ‘less business and more human ”. The emphasis is on content and creativity at the heart of their designs. Their purpose and purpose, mixed with the art of Srinath, led to what Huckster Productions is today.

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