Independent Film Trust and Roadmap Editors launch Creative Corridor


The UK’s Independent Film Trust and US-based Roadmap Writers have revealed a new transatlantic initiative aimed at empowering underrepresented writers on both sides of the pond.

Called the Creative Corrider, it will run from November to December and will bring together five writers from underrepresented groups in each country to collaborate and explore new film and television projects that could potentially be developed in one or both territories.

The initiative is sponsored by SMASH and selected authors can use the SMASH pitch builder to work on their pitches in written and verbal form.

Creative Corridor has already tapped a number of senior executives and industry leaders from the UK and US to contribute to the initiative, including BBC New Writing Manager Jessica Loveland , Clelia Mountford de Merman and Netflix UK Director Fiona Lamptey as well as representatives from Lawrence Bender Productions, Bohemia Group, Anvil Pictures, Fictional Entity and Anonymous Content.

Jen Smith, BFI’s Diversity and Inclusion Manager, who advised the creation of Creative Corridor, said in a statement: “It is important that our creative industries reflect our society, both on screen and off screen. Initiatives such as Creative Corridor, coupled with our own BFI Diversity Standards, help focus the industry on who tells the stories we see on screen, and open up opportunities for a greater diversity of voices to be made. hear and develop their art on an international stage”.

Tolu Stedford, head of creative development at IFT, said in a statement: “By not investing in diversifying our talent pool, we are wasting great British talent and stories, therefore not representing a true reflection of the world. . We must not lose the rich and innovative narratives to ensure Britain remains at a world-class level.


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