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A new independent feature slated for release in January 2022 shot many of its main scenes in Athens and County Limestone. ‘No Man’s Law,’ a film produced, written, directed and starring Richard Douglas Jensen, will have its red carpet premiere this past weekend in Huntsville with all of the film’s stars in attendance, including the Emmy-winning actress and co-star, Natalia Bilbao.

“No Man’s Law” is described as “a drama about a suicidal and disgraced former Border Patrol agent who seeks redemption when he rescues a lost migrant and swears to return her to her parents in northern Alabama, where they work as undocumented farm laborers. The problem is that transporting illegal immigrants is against federal law and a manhunt ensues. The ex-patroller races against time to return the girl to her parents before he was arrested and she was deported.The film tackles the thorny issue of human rights and American border politics.

Rounding out the cast are Kelly Reno, who starred in Francis Ford Coppola’s Oscar-nominated The Black Stallion, Broadway actress Emma Hayley, Michael V. Jordan, Luna Clara Jensen and Musetta Feldman.

Jensen and the film crew kept the filming “under the radar”. He added, “We shot the film from September 2020 to April 5, 2021, and inbound and outbound cast flights were complicated by COVID-19 travel restrictions.”

Although much of the film’s setting is in the Texas countryside, many locations in and around Limestone County were used as Jensen felt many areas were “perfect”. Elkmont quickly became a favorite location during filming.

“The people were wonderful and it’s a historically picturesque town,” he said. “Some of the scenes shot in Elkmont are just beautiful. There’s no set designer in Hollywood who could do better than the true beauty provided by Elkmont.

One of the most important scenes was shot at Eagle’s Diner in Athens. The scene was shot on a Sunday, a day when the restaurant was usually closed.

“The people at Eagle’s Diner were great,” Jensen said. “They let us come in and take over. They contacted their regular customers who came that Sunday and they became extras in the film. The restaurant owners even cooked for everyone. The scene was perfect and everyone had so much fun.

Other locations moviegoers can expect to see in the film are Tractor Supply in Athens, the neighborhoods of Ardmore, Grassland Ranch on Airport Road, Belle Mina and The Athens Square.

“We specifically added a scene where we walked around The Square and historic Athens with Stan Smith and his horse-drawn carriage,” he said.

“No Man’s Law” has already been released on the world film circuit and has won numerous awards. A press release from Poverty Row Pictures, LLC, states: “The film won Best Independent Film at the prestigious SRFA Film Awards in Cannes, France, and Best Film at the renowned Bollywood International Film Festival in India, to name a few. The film is a smash hit in India, where more than a dozen film festivals have been packed with each screening. The film has won over 50 awards in India alone.

The film is set to screen at the Princess Theater in Decatur on January 20. Additional theater screenings are currently being negotiated as well as opportunities to see the film on streaming services.


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