Independent Cinema Center Expands to Bronxville


Independent Cinema Center Expands to Bronxville

Attention movie buffs: Exciting news has been announced regarding the expansion of the Pelham Picture House in Bronxville

Although places to watch independent films and documentaries seem to be disappearing, there is good news for movie buffs in South Westchester. The Pelham Picture House, now called The Picture House Regional Film Center ( will expand its operations to Bronxville, NY, extending its film and educational programs to the historic Kraft Avenue Cinema previously owned and operated by Bow Tie Cinemas .

The announcement of its growth in Bronxville comes as the film center continues the centennial celebration of its iconic Pelham Theater. The Bronxville expansion will add three screens – and another 1920s theater – to the regional film center, allowing for even wider and more varied programming of new, independent, foreign and documentary films.

The addition of the Bronxville Theater will also increase audiences and strengthen The Picture House’s impact in the region through expanded access to the best cinema available, conversations, arts education and live performances.

Bronxville Mayor Mary Marvin said, “When we learned the Bronxville Theater was at risk of not reopening post-pandemic, we immediately appealed to the community for a creative solution to keep the theater alive. We then heard that The Picture House Regional Film Center might be a possibility and we were absolutely thrilled. The way The Picture House brings communities together around film and cultural discourse is exactly what we hoped for in Bronxville. We have no doubt that having a Picture House location here in Bronxville will not only strengthen our community culturally, but also help attract more people to eat, shop and visit our downtown.

President and Executive Director of The Picture House, Laura deBuys added: “Our non-profit organization was established in 2003 when the Pelham Theater was due to be demolished. It seems so fitting that with the expansion to Bronxville, we can save another 1920s theater and continue our mission at the same time. We will expand Picture House programming to the Kraft Avenue location, showcasing a wide range of films while entertaining, educating and building community around a shared love of art.

“We are very grateful to Bow Tie,” added deBuys. “We worked together for over six months to figure out how to make it work for Bronxville and for Westchester.”PhotoHouse

Ben Moss, CEO of Bow Tie, added, “As a four-generation family business that understands the importance of movie theaters to local communities, we wanted as much as anyone to find a way to keep movies alive in Bronxville. . Given our belief in the value The Picture House brings to the communities it serves and the overwhelming support from the community, we are confident in the success of a model not-for-profit movie theater in Bronxville and are thrilled to contribute to its achievement.

“It’s incredibly exciting to have this opportunity to expand our impact and provide even more unique film and educational programming to Westchester,” said TPH Board Chair Katy Loria. “We will reopen the theater in early February 2022. See you at the cinema!”


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