Identity Director explains why characters from the movie aren’t in the game


Game Rant talks with Tron: Identity Director Mike Bithell about the Tron universe and how it enabled the creation of an innovative new storyline.

Tron: Identity Director Mike Bithell reveals familiar characters from the film franchise won’t be featured in the game. tron offers a multitude of microcosms inside the franchise universe, allowing the game developer to branch out from the main storyline. This means that Bithell Games can easily stay within the confines of the influential franchise’s broader ecosystem and culture. Much of the game is still unknown, but it is known that Tron: Identity combines a visual novel style with puzzles and elements of traditional adventure games. It features an original storyline and handcrafted character artwork that brings programs and locations to life in a familiar extension of the Tron universe.


Developed by Bithell Games Tron: Identity was announced at Disney’s and Marvel Games Showcase at D23 Expo. The surprise announcement of the Disney and Bithell collaboration included a short teaser with a tron identity disc loading and nearly done before the 2023 release window announcement. Game Rant spoke with Bithell Games’ Mike Bithell and Disney Pixar Games Producer Heidy Vargas at D23 about the story and characters of Tron: Identity.

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Mike Bithell of Bithell Games’ first instinct was to protect priceless intellectual property when creating something new. The story and context behind the franchise offer a huge opportunity but also a responsibility to creators and fans. It’s a combination of adding to the universe while acknowledging what has been built before.

Characters and storylines may offer different perspectives, but it all takes place in the world where Kevin Flynn initially got stuck in one of the servers and Sam Flynn sought to free him. Authenticity had to be there when adding content to such an established franchise.

So we have this huge culture where we can kind of set up stories and tell these interesting tales. Although there are no movie characters floating around, those characters have legends, that kind of stuff is kind of the cultural backbone, the mythology here. And that’s a really cool way to explore that. It’s a cool angle to tell very fresh new stories with new characters, but still building on what’s come before and exploring themes that have come up before.

Although the Flynns are not visually present in the game, they are experienced through the backstory of Tron. The story takes place 20 years after Flynn’s escape, on another server. In this Lattice, the forgotten inhabitants experience an unprecedented crime. This mystery has been given to a detective program called Query to be solved. The world inside the Grid has evolved over the centuries over the past 20 years, and crime has thrived. As a visual novel game, it showcases a unique take on the franchise, something Disney expects from its video game collaborations.

Disney’s Vargas also confirms that the introduction of an all-new storyline, different grid, and new programs allows for a diverse cast of characters. It was important that the JOhn Hex Bit Developer Bithell Games has also included strong female characters in the games. These new characters are seamlessly integrated into familiar surroundings and given rich stories that reflect the tron universe. These characters are also a precursor to what is to come. According to Vargas, this is just the beginning of the collaboration between Disney and Bithell Games, and more games are on the way.

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