How Sanjay Dutt became part of Binoy Gandhi’s Ghudchadi | Hindi Movie News

Filming for rookie director Binoy Gandhi’s Ghudchadi is underway in Delhi. The ‘shaadi’ comedy stars Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon, Aruna Irani, Khushalii Kumar and Parth Samthan and is also set to have a short program in Jaipur before wrapping in mid-March.

Sanjay Dutt, who recently announced his new career as a producer, is also in reinvention mode as an actor. The Family Entertainer is his first comedy after three action dramas, filmed over the past three years. The daughter of filmmaker JP Dutta, Nidhi Dutta, who previously produced Paltan under her father’s banner, is supporting this film as a co-producer with her husband.

Talking about how she and Binoy brought Sanjay on board their project, Nidhi, who grew up seeing Sanjay as a father figure, said, “We have had a bond since I was a baby. It’s Sanjay Chachu for my sister Siddhi and me. I considered him my family all my life. To me, Sanjay Dutt is not the superstar the world sees. He’s a father figure who has always been the coolest person to turn to. He’s one of the nicest stars I’ve known personally. The fact that he doesn’t look like who he is makes him even more special. From the first meeting for the project, until now when he started touring with us, he has been a pillar of strength for Binoy and me. He is someone I could always turn to for help and advice. He made this film more his than mine… And for that, I feel blessed. The way he supported me throughout the making and editing of Ghudchadi is amazing. I’m so grateful and excited for the shoot. I pray this will be the first of our many films together.


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