How Ray Liotta’s Bee Movie Cameo Was Born


Dreamworks’ Bee Movie featured several wacky plot points for an animated film, but Ray Liotta’s cameo particularly stood out.

The 2007 DreamWorks movie bee-movie became an internet meme years after its release. But while the animated movie featured plenty of bizarre plot points, like a bee’s romantic feelings for a human, one surreal cameo stood out. And it wasn’t The Police frontman Sting’s hilarious performance as a witness in court.

The late Ray Liotta starred in many blockbuster movies throughout his acting career, especially as villains. And he kept that character on screen for his appearance in bee-movie like an animated version of himself. So how did the actor land a role in bee-movieand how did he feel?

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According Animated views, Liotta expressed interest in the bee-movie project to its screenwriter and lead voice actor, Jerry Seinfeld. Liotta was consistent about joining the cast and even reminded Seinfeld of her interest months later. So, he landed a role as the version of himself who appeared in the courtroom after Barry B. Benson decided to sue humans for their mistreatment of bees.

Liotta’s character was the founder of the “Ray Liotta Private Select Honey” brand of honey, which was harvested and produced in Scotland. After Barry met Liotta, he congratulated him on his recent Emmy win for his minor role on the show. Emergency room. However, Liotta had previously threatened to kill Barry, and the actor’s evil behavior caused Barry to call him a “bad guy” – a reference to Liotta’s starring role as Henry Hill in the mobster flick. Freedmen. After that, the bee and Liotta participated in an exaggerated shouting match that was as funny as it was passionate.

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In 2017, Liotta shared a short clip of bee-movie on his Facebook wall, proving that his love for the project was still strong. He even expressed his eagerness to get involved in a similar project in the future and graciously thanked Seinfeld for the opportunity, which he would do “again and again.” Liotta also took the time to joke about her tendency to play the villain and attempted to argue otherwise using her role in The Muppets movies.

bee-movie was also not the only animation project in which Liotta was involved. He played the leader of the Bubble Poppin Boys gang in the Sponge Bob SquarePants half-hour special “Whobob Whatpants” and lent his voice to Moe’s father, Morty, in The simpsons episode “King Leer”. Liotta will be best remembered for her live-action roles, but her time in animations was arguably just as iconic.


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