How Joshua Jackson’s Liquid Media Group Strengthens Independent Cinema: TIFF – Deadline


Content spending between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO has grown from $ 23.1 billion in 2018 to nearly $ 46 billion last year as Disney +, Peacock and HBO Max got involved in the mix.

Yet through it all, the independent tariff, especially in the production pipeline, often falls through the cracks. Various projects get talent attachments, get 60% funded, but never cross the finish line to ride in front of the cameras.

Dawson Creek and The case Joshua Jackson seeks to revolutionize this with Liquid Media Group, the Nasdaq’s publicly traded multifaceted studio (YVR) of which he is the co-founder, chairman and independent director.

“The business started when I was 13, when I started in the industry,” says the star of Cruel intentions and Hulu Small fires everywhere. Jackson always saw a “massive disconnect between the enormous amount of talent” and “ownership of that talent” when it came to their own creative product. Jackson met Deadline in our TIFF studio with his company’s CEO and Director, Ronald Thomson, and Indiaflix CEO and Co-Founder, Scilla Andreen; the latter is an educational streaming services content company that Liquid Media recently acquired.

Jackson is encouraged by the rise of streaming content and the “significant shift from where I started in the early 90s to the digitalized online version of the industry.”

The Liquid Media actor seeks to create an easier way for filmmakers to present their content to audiences, while still allowing them to make their content their own through all the props, so that “you survive and tell another story.” .

“I’ve seen the variety of different ways the system doesn’t encourage or reward people who do the hard work,” Jackson adds, “(To a marketer) you’re just another product they put out there in the world.

Liquid, in addition to funding, seeks to provide filmmakers with access to tools available to other studios, namely marketing analytics, so filmmakers can determine their P&As, and distribution platforms such as Projektor.

Imagine for a moment being a short film whose film was nominated or won at the Oscars and being able to have a stake and reap the financial rewards in the fate of that photo. This is where Liquid Media comes in.

“We give you the ability to have some control over your destiny,” Jackson says, “You become responsible for this last phase and put yourself in front of the public. “

Take a look at our conversation with Liquid Media Group above.


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