Henry Cavill’s witcher injury almost ended his action movie career


Henry Cavill tore his hamstrings while filming season 2 of The Witcher, almost endangering the series – as well as Cavill’s entire career.

Henry Cavill may be ready to captivate Netflix audiences once again with the upcoming second season of The witcher, but behind the scenes, the star suffered a painful injury on set that had the potential to end her career as an action star.

The incident happened last December, when Cavill was running through the woods during filming and tearing his hamstrings. Describe the injury in an interview with Hollywood journalist, Cavill said, “It was a really, really bad tear, and I was very lucky it wasn’t a complete hamstring detachment.”

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The witcher Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich said: “I remember Henry pulling over and we all thought, ‘Did he trip? Was there a rock? “” She added, “I went to his trailer and he said it was pain.” To account for Cavill’s injury, the action scenes from Season 2 were mixed up so the actor could film them after his hamstrings healed. Nonetheless, Cavill still needed to act out all of his other scenes and finished physical therapy early in the morning.

“The difficulty was working while I was injured,” Cavill said. “Because I wanted to do more for the production – I know how important it was for them to get things done. So you had to find that balance between: ‘Yeah, push, push, push’ and ‘Whoa, wait, if I tear that up any further, that’s the end of my acting career.’ It was my worst time of the last year – professionally. “

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Despite the grueling experience, Cavill’s hard work paid off, and Hissrich said she was immensely proud of everything the star and the other members of The witcher the production had completed. “It’s not a season that screams ‘We filmed during a pandemic and there are only two people in each scene and Henry will never do an action again because he injured his leg’ “said Hissrich. Hollywood journalist. “You don’t see any of this.

In addition to enduring great pain, Cavill also prompted Geralt of Rivia to move and have more dialogue during season 2, pointing out that in author Andrzej Sapkowski’s original novels, the titular witcher’s inner monologue was quite substantial.

The witcher Season 2 adapts that of Sapkowski Blood of the Elves, with pieces of The hour of contempt, the last wish and Sword of fate. The season sees Geralt bring his destined protege, Ciri, to the fortress of Kaer Morhen and train him to carry on Witcher’s legacy. The season will be released on December 17th. Season 1 and a derivative animated film, The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare, are currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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Source: Hollywood journalist

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