Has anyone seen actor Beau Bridges? Independent film Neon Highway filmed in downtown Columbus


COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – This may be the city’s worst-kept secret. Or the best. But it is certainly a secret.

They’re making a movie in Columbus – and it doesn’t take a Hollywood critic to figure it out if you walk along 11th Street and turn onto First Avenue.

There are a dozen or more production trucks downtown, and actor Beau Bridges has been spotted.

After a day of digging deeper, here’s what we know. The film is an independent production called The Neon Highway.

The story: a young songwriter meets a country music star. We assume this is the role Beau Bridges plays.

Here is a summary of the film provided by Columbus State University, who worked with the production.

“Twenty years ago Wayne, a singer-songwriter, was a heartbeat away from traveling to Nashville when a car accident ended his dream. Now a hard worker struggling to provide for his family, he has the chance to meet country music legend Claude Allen.

“Wayne rekindles Claude’s dream, so together they go to Nashville with one of Wayne’s songs, believing that with Claude’s fame and connections they can strike a deal.” The problem is, the industry has changed, and no one is interested in singing, especially Claude.

“They are devastated and out of options until Wayne finds a way to outsmart the system and get the song to the public, not for himself, but for Claude.”

Can’t wait to see the trailer.

They’ve been shooting in Columbus for a few weeks. A production spokesperson said they are not ready to comment – and will not be until the end of next week.

They filmed at the Columbus State Nursing School on 12th Street. An alley along 11th Street. And News 3 has learned they are preparing to shoot at the Loft, a downtown restaurant and club.

Paige Bentley, who works at Big Dog Running Company, watched the shoot Thursday.

“There was a big truck full of movies,” Bentley said. “And the people took control of our territory here. And people walked in and out of the alley. You could see people getting into their costumes, not knowing why they were filming. Beau Bridges was in the back. So we saw Beau Bridges through the window.


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