“Green Kola” recently won the award for best short film at the Paris Independent Film Festival


We are delighted to announce that Alexandra Vino green kola, won the Grand Jury Prize, out of 80 films, for “Best short film” at the Paris Independent Film Festival. The festival supports women filmmakers and independent projects and is positioned in the nerd market of French cinema.

green kola was written and directed by Alexandra, and she stars in the production. Vino has teamed up with stylish Ukrainian videographer Lera Loeb as producer. She plays an augmented version of herself in the film. Alongside the famous fashion photographer and entrepreneur Antoine Verglas. Verglas serves as an executive producer and also plays an enhanced version of himself in the film.

The rest of the ensemble cast is iconic:

The stunning model and actress Eugenia Kuzmina. Celebrity chef and restaurateur Todd English. The incredible Katherine Wallach, from Goodfellas and Gangs of New York.

green kola is the second award-winning short written, directed, co-produced and starred in a film by Ms. Vino.

The selection of the Paris Independent Shorts Festival jury described green kola as “an incredible project that captivated our jury with its uniqueness, its humor and the originality of its representation”.

green kola conveys the inner workings of opportunistic actors in the film industry that revolve around a Hollywood starlet, Nina Finch. The story of the film takes place in New York and follows Antoine Verglas, the best French photographer who has been selected to shoot the most anticipated fashion campaign of this year. green kola grabbed some well-deserved attention with his debut at the event. The fictional comedy is meant to convey through humor that the “glamorous” lives led by many Hollywood film professionals are a facade. The film delves into metaphor by analyzing America’s sweetheart, Nina Finch, and the underlying elements of her seemingly perfect lifestyle as a Hollywood star.

We asked the team a few questions:

Where/how did you gather such a dynamic cast?
This film was inspired by my experience working with Antoine and Lera. I feel that the energy of Antoine’s photo studio has a life of its own, and that motivated me to write green kola. The cast came from my personal rolodex. I called my old friends and offered them the roles. No one auditioned. Most of the actors I had worked with before, apart from the cast which was brand new!

Where does the name come from green kola origin ?
This title is meant to raise a few questions.

What is green kola?
Well, it’s a drink made to poke fun at the health food industry, where most of the time these fad diet foods fall into the inedible category. It’s the best! The healthiest! Let’s put America’s Sweetheart on it and people will believe it’s worth buying. The satirical humor surrounding the green kola product campaign runs the whole show.

What inspires you as a filmmaker?
My favorite part of filmmaking is collaborating with other artists. My inspiration comes from a wide range of places: from life, from art, from the state of the world. Deepening myself as a person has always been reflected in the evolution of my work. I’ve worked on over 30 films as an actor and I’ve seen great directors bring out the best in their films. I love the joy of working with actors and non-actors to create realism. The truth makes comedy funnier! Antoine Verglas, Lera Loeb, Alexandra Vino are teaming up again to make a feature film that parodies cinema…

green kola Trailer 2022 of Alexandra Vino on Vimeo.


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