Furious Love Island fans call contestant a ‘snake’ after sleazy behavior at movie night


RAGING Love Island fans have blasted Luca Bish for his “snappy” behavior on movie night.

The Brighton lad was caught tricking the other guys into cracking up with some fresh bombshells while their partners were at Casa Amor.


Luca Bish was called a ‘snake’ by some fans after Movie Night1 credit
Gemma Owen didn't know why her boyfriend was so mad at her


Gemma Owen didn’t know why her boyfriend was so mad at her1 credit

The girls, who witnessed the behavior in a video clip played at the villa last night, were less than impressed, accusing Luca of being an agitator.

Viewers also accused the star of playing a big game to distract from his antics.

He flew off after seeing a short clip of Billy Brown flirting with Gemma Owen, which barely entertained the chat lines.

Luca insisted he had been assaulted and spent the night walking around the villa, complaining about how he had been treated.

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Most of the nation, and her fellow islanders, wondered what Gemma had actually done wrong.

This led some to claim that Luca was trying to distract from his video misstep.

A viewer said: “Luca only went crazy because he wanted to distract everyone from being caught being a snake.”

Another said: “Luca is a fucking snake he always wishes the worst on girls and laughs at them like a guy wtf?”

After watching footage of Gemma and Billy talking, Luca looked furious and said “drop a new bomb on me right now”.

Sitting stone-faced, Luca said: “Believe me when I say, if she wants to play it down to me, I’m going to explode.”

The camera then cut to Gemma nervously taking a sip from her drink as Billy hid his face.


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