Full List of Netflix Movie Songs


Lili Reinhart does double duty in Netflix’s new rom-com Look both ways, play two different versions of the same character. But it’s nothing she hasn’t done before as Betty Cooper on the evolving CW series. Riverdale.

Look both ways stars Reinhart as Natalie, a college graduate who finds out she might be pregnant on the night of her college graduation. In one reality, Natalie’s pregnancy test is negative, and she proceeds with her plans to move to Los Angeles with her best friend and pursue a career as an artist.

The alternate reality finds Natalie’s pregnancy test positive. She decides to raise her baby alone with the help of her parents, putting aside her plan to move out west and pursue her artistic passions. Throughout the film, we watch Natalie’s life go through ups and downs back and forth, proving that neither ends better than the other.

Natalie’s post-grad journey through motherhood and career provides a great soundtrack of songs you’ll want to add to your playlist. From a cover of a hit pop song to a 2000s pop-rock throwback, we’re sharing all the music from the Lili Reinhart movie.

Look Both Ways Soundtrack

The music featured in Look both ways sets the tone for Natalie’s two realities. Music fans will recognize the hit song “We Are Young” by short-lived band Jack Antonoff. featured prominently throughout the movie, but it’s not the version you heard on the radio. Who performs the film version?

Here is the full list of songs featured in the film:

  • “We Are Young” for fun. (performed by Nico De La Espreilla, Carolina Salinas and Mexican Institute of Sound
  • “Wanna Fly” by Zach Person
  • “Heavy, California” van Jungle
  • “We Two” by Omar Apollo
  • “City of Sound” by Big Wild
  • “Too Good” by Arlo Parks
  • “Don’t Play With My Heart” by India Shawn
  • “Asi Soy Yo” by Felix Q
  • “All Night Long” by Pachyman feat. Winter
  • “True Love Ni Wa Mada” by Saho Terao
  • Bado Mapema (Simama) by Blinky Bill
  • “The One You Want To Be” by Homegrown
  • “Carry Me Home” by Jorja Smith feat. maverick saber
  • “Wayland/Perpetual Adoration” by Born Ruffians
  • “Breathe” by Michelle Branch
  • The Dark Planet by Session Musicians
  • “Move It” by Graceful Lee
  • “Carino” by The Marias
  • “Vamos (Party Personal Version)” by Mexican Institute of Sound feat. Mountain Holidays
  • “Time Undone” by Kalu & The Electric Joint
  • “We Are Young” for fun. (performed by Inyang Bassey)
  • “Central Park D” by Matt Norman
  • “Side Effects” by Joseph

What is your favorite song from Look both ways? Share your choice in the comments and watch the movie now on Netflix.


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