Five things you can get for free at Disney World


GOING to Disney World is a magical experience, but the price is quite steep.

A travel agent and a Disney fan shared some things you can get for free so you don’t break the bank during your stay.


Jill Donut shared a Tiktok video revealing five things you can get for free at Disney, including celebration badges that can help you get extra goodies from the cast members.

Jill Donut posted a video on Tiktok revealing five things available for free that will help you have fun at Disney.

She said, “Number one free thing at Disney World: Outdoor movie nights at your resort.

“A few times a week at almost every Disney resort, they’ll put on what’s called movies under the stars. They’ll show movies on that giant inflatable screen.

“If you bring blankets or lawn chairs, maybe some snacks, this is a fantastic way to end your day at your resort.

“Second free thing at Disney World: the Play Disney Parks app.

“This app is full of mini-games that interact with the park itself and it’s a great way to use your time waiting in line for the rides.

“Number three: celebration buttons [badges] for everything from birthdays, honeymoons and birthdays to anything you want to celebrate.

“Celebration buttons are available in Customer Relationships and they are basically a free keepsake.

“They’re also signaling to the cast that you might be the right fit for a magical moment.

“Our Celebration Buttons gave me and my husband several free extras on our honeymoon.

Number four: Sprinkle Sprite at Sir Mickey’s in the Magic Kingdom.

“If you stop by Sir Mickey’s gift shop in Fantasyland and see an actor who isn’t very busy, you can ask him to give you a pixie dust, which means he’s saying a little poem and sprinkle you wand glitter, but trust me, it’s a lot of fun.

And finally, at number five: Wi-Fi. Whether you’re at a park or resort, you can get free Wi-Fi for your smart device, which makes sense given that Disney expects you were spending quite a bit of money on the My Disney Experiment app and you need WiFi for that. “

The video has been viewed over 13,000 times and commenters shared their own experiences with using the tips.

One person wrote, “I went to the park for my birthday and got the pimple. Every character meets a restaurant, I got an autographed birthday card – it was amazing!

Another commented: “When it comes to movies under the stars, Riviera sets them up for people at the pool to watch as well.”

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