Five promising young filmmakers are distinguished by Emergence


– The 24th edition of the director’s residency will support the first films of Louise Hémon, Zoé Labasse, Pierre Le Gall, Jonathan Millet and Marie Rémond

Five young directors were chosen by a jury chaired by Charles Tesson (notably flanked by Michèle Halberstadt, Frédéric Niedermayer and Samuel Théis) to participate in the 24th edition of Emergence director’s residency, a unique offer in Europe that will offer these newcomers the opportunity to shoot two sequences of their first feature films in March, with the sponsorship of a confirmed director, artistic support and professional production resources in addition .

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Louise Haemon was selected thanks to her project The engulfed. The story she wrote alongside Anaïs Telenne, takes us back to the Hautes-Alpes in 1899. “Suddenly” is a hamlet surrounded by snow-capped and mountainous peaks. A stormy night arrives, Aimée, a young black-eyed teacher who spends the winter to teach a handful of children. But shortly after its arrival, an avalanche made its first local victim … The production is entrusted to Margaux Juvenal on behalf of Take Shelter.

Zoe Labasse was also selected via Strasbourg dancers, which begins in July 1518. When Strasbourg is in the grip of a strange epidemic of dance, Hilde, a former assistant surgeon, seeks the support of the Ammeister of the city to obtain the right to work on its behalf. As the epidemic spreads, the streets of Strasbourg record their first deaths. In this chaos, Hilde finally finds an unexpected opportunity to practice dissection. But a disturbing feeling invades her every time she touches inert bodies … The production is directed by Caroline Bonmarchand on behalf of Avenue B Productions and by Tristan Bank for Kalpa Films.

The list of the lucky few also includes Pierre Le GalI with Fuel oil in arteries. Coming from the Scenario Workshop of La Fémis, the filmmaker has written a story about Étienne who crisscrosses France aboard his 44-ton truck with one goal in mind: to load and unload as quickly as possible. But when he crosses paths with Polish truck driver Józef, his routine gets out of hand. The counters panic, the kilometers pass by and, far from the gaze of others, the two loners languish to the point of exhaustion … The production is entrusted to Nicolas blanc on behalf of Agat Film & Ex Nihilo.

Jonathan millet was also selected for his film The ghosts, that he wrote next Florence Rochat. Read our interview with Pauline Seigland who oversees production with LIonel Massol in the name of Grand Eight Movies.

Films Grand Huit also carries another selected project: Goats also faint through Marie Remond. Written by the neo-director, the story of this project (which already benefits from a CNC advance on receipts) revolves around Jeanne. Everything is bad in her life: mired in a toxic relationship, she finds herself propelled into the role of director following the sudden death of the famous filmmaker Groutchov for whom she worked as an assistant. A strange feeling, a sort of panic disorder, overwhelmed him. Jeanne tries to put on a good face, but that totally changes her relationship with the world. Could this be the occasion for her to look at life differently?

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