Financed by cryptocurrencies, the independent film, The Underground Sistine Chapel wins multiple awards


The independent film, The Underground Sistine Chapel, is a free documentary available on Youtube

PARIS, FRANCE, September 5, 2022 / — The Underground Sistine Chapel is a free YouTube documentary that chronicles the creation of a contemporary Sistine Chapel by street artist Pascal Boyart in the center of an abandoned gold foundry in the suburbs of Paris, in what some call an unforgiving neighborhood.

After a sold-out premiere in June 2021, at the legendary Grand Rex cinema in Paris, the film is discreetly released in full version on Youtube, without any promotion.

This original work, sometimes reminiscent of the spirit of Banksy, or independent documentaries, is striking in its authenticity and its purpose. The film tells the story of one of the most influential crypto-artists of his generation and tells the birth of a work that will probably remain in the coming years as a masterful and historic work.

Indeed, this film raises the question of the use of NFTs & crypto-currencies in the service of real artists and not just pixel monkeys. Here, we are witnessing in 1h17 a perfect demonstration of the interest of blockchain technologies, and this on two levels: The artist, who finances his work himself in this way, with stunning authenticity, and the film itself , which fits perfectly with the artist’s work by also financing itself in this way, and making it free for all.

“A major work that will probably be studied in art schools around the world…A must see.” – One of the critics said after seeing the movie.

At the premiere, the directors announced that their company Samurai Cooperative was already working on other films whose ownership will be shared with his community. These young filmmakers said it best: “If the cinema does not open the door to us, we will burst the roof”.

The documentary has received numerous awards and honors at various film festivals. Some of them are:
– Monthly London International Film Festival 2021
– Florence Cinema Prize 2021
– CLIT 2021
– Monthly Tokyo International Film Festival 2021
– Flickers’ Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021
– Festival Arte nonstop/ BA 2022-International Film and Art Festival 2021

The film can also be viewed on the IPFS network.

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